Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Ryan, Caleb and I had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We are beyond blessed with a wonderful family and we enjoyed spending time with them. As Caleb gets older, we have introduced more holiday traditions. It is such a special time of year and I was so excited to share my favorite parts with him. 

This is the first year that Caleb fully understood that Santa was coming to our house. It was so much fun setting out the gifts once he went to sleep. 

After opening our gifts and checking out everything Santa brought, we went to my parents' house. 

Ryan was so very good to me this Christmas! When we first got together, he had no clue how to do the whole husband thing. I was raised by a family that completely spoiled me and here I had married a man who had absolutely no idea how to do that. I've been through a couple of years of him completely waiting until the very last minute to buy something for me to him forgetting that I even had a stocking to fill. I've had the Christmas gifts that left me wondering if my husband really even knew me. 

This year, he blew every Christmas we've had out of the water! 

Not only did he shop early, but every single thing he gave me let me know that he thought about the things I would love. He was so very thoughtful and sweet. And you couldn't fit one more little thing into my stocking! I am so thankful that my husband did that for me. 

It's funny, but I think I fall a little more in love with that man every day. I didn't realize that was even possible. 

Christmas morning with my parents has always been crazy, y'all! Things are wild and I don't know how we haven't lost a kid in that mess. 

I thought about next year several times Christmas morning. Next year, we will be rocking a sweet little boy on Christmas morning. I absolutely love children and I cannot wait to meet my nephew next year! 

My brother is a huge Georgia football fall. Mom found the baby a little outfit and stuck it in Brian's stocking. He was so sweet when he saw it. 

Santa stopped by my parents' house too that morning to leave Caleb and Zoey's new toys. 

Caleb is absolutely nuts over construction equipment. He has dreamed of having his own Bobcat for months and Santa brought him one. 

This child was beyond excited! 

It was a struggle getting him back in the house...

Zoey got a four wheeler from Santa. 

Christmas morning is always busy for us. We jumped right in to help Mom cook a huge Christmas breakfast for my dad's side of the family. Ryan can seriously cook some fabulous eggs and I'm pretty good at cracking them. I just love that he jumps in to help us!

We have laughed over my bear hat that I stole from my dad in a Chinese Christmas. I couldn't let him go without, so I got him one too. 

Zoey was such a sweetie. I'm just crazy about that little girl. 

We went to Ryan's parents' after leaving my family. Caleb got his new four wheeler at their house. 

He just loved it!! 

That child has four Power Wheels toys now.... 

Santa and grandparents are always good to him!

The grandparents were really good to all of us. I've got enough workout gear to motivate me for the new year!!! 



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