Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving and Shopping

I completely dropped off the grid for a few days! I love spending time with my family and I had three busy days to do that. 

For lunch on Thanksgiving, my side of the family got together. My mom had the Christmas decorations up and the kids just loved them! 

My mom always goes all out with the food! We had so much to eat and it was delicious.

Trying to get a family picture with all of us is just mass chaos. The kids were trying to cooperate the best they could! 

I just love my daddy....even in all his camo. 

It's not often that I'm the tallest person in a group! 

Caleb and I got to flash some cash around while we were plotting the Black Friday shopping! 

I just love my sweet little niece! She's the cutest thing...

I cooked a twenty-five pound turkey for Ryan's side of the family. This is by far the biggest bird I have ever cooked! I couldn't put it in the oven so I had to get my husband to do the lifting! 

Caleb was fairly wound up by the time our Thanksgiving dinner was over, but he cooperated long enough for a picture. 

After dinner, Tara and I went out shopping. I said over and over I was not going shopping on Thanksgiving night. The deals at Old Navy were too good to pass up and I really liked the idea of sleeping in on Friday morning. So, we went out! We ended up going to Old Navy, Ulta, Toys R Us, JC Penny and Motherhood Maternity (for Tara!). I got some great deals! 

Tara is more of a night owl than I am. I'm a morning person through and through, so shopping at 1:00 in the morning is pretty tough on me. I'm ashamed to admit that I totally got out-shopped by a pregnant woman. I'm sitting in a chair at 1:30 am in Motherhood Maternity and feeling like I got ran over by a truck while Tara tried on clothes! Never thought I'd get the chance to do that...

On Saturday, Caleb and I spent the entire day together while Daddy went trail riding. We went to see Frozen (which was so very good), ate at McDonald's, and did some more Christmas shopping. I'll be lucky if that child keeps his mouth shut with all of our Christmas secrets (he doesn't forget anything). 

What deals did you find this weekend? 


  1. What a nice time with your family.

    What spices are you putting on your turkey?



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