Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I've got quite the tomboy side. If you've been around me very long, that fact is pretty clear. I'm not the girl who dresses up every day for work. Seriously, I consider it a blessing if I run out of the house looking halfway put together. My perfect wardrobe is packed full of workout clothes, jeans, and t-shirts. Buy me a pair of yoga pants and I am absolutely happy!

This past week, I have completely dropped the girly attitude and embraced my adventure loving side!

I've been begging to go hunting with my dad for a few years. My family enjoys deer meat and I use it in a ton of my recipes. One evening, Dad called and told me to throw something dark on and let's go!

I think one of the reasons he hasn't taken me is that he seriously doubted I could sit still and not talk that long. I guess I surprised him!

We sat in the deer stand for a few hours and nothing....

It was absolutely beautiful though. I loved every quiet minute of it!

I don't take much time to sit quietly and this was such a nice break.

I sold my first Nitro Z-9 last week. I have been dying to take one out and I finally got the chance to lake test this one. 

Obviously I had to take my best mechanic guys....

My brother and my husband! 

Everyone gets excited when a Z-9 goes in the lake....They all want a chance to lake test it! 

I honestly didn't think these boys would let me drive it myself. 

They tend to not share the fun ones....

We picked one of the coldest days of the year and just about froze!

Apparently you can suffer from brain freeze externally.

The adrenaline rush of going 72 miles per hour helped with the cold a bit....

I may not be very girly, but I sure get to have a lot of fun with my favorite guys. 

(And yes, that boat is absolutely fabulous! I know where you can get one too...)

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