Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mantle Decor

I have always been horrible at decorating mantles. I've just never had the knack for it. I see so many people pulling off beautiful decor around their fireplaces and I just love it. For two weeks I have been drooling over pictures on Pinterest. 

Luckily I now have a beautiful clean slate to work with! 

I went to Home Goods to look for ideas. I can't go in that store without wanting at least twenty things. I just fall in love every time I step through the door! 

Fortunately for my husband, I walked away spending only $25.08! I found some pretty good deals to help me update my mantle. The pretty glass and candle were my biggest purchases. 

Not bad, right?!
 I plan to maybe add something to the bottom to help fill it in a bit. 

I found the little jar with a bird topper for only a couple of dollars. I fell in love! 

I already had the Scentsy burner and moved it in here from the kitchen. I love the light it gives off while we're watching TV. The light just bounces off of the glass pieces on the mantle and it looks so pretty. 

I had another little glass jar that I added. I want to put something in it as well. 
I found the Family Rules sign at Home Goods last night for about $5.00! 
I just fell in love!

I put my newest milk glass find on the side and will add some fresh flowers to brighten everything up. 

So far, this is what I've come up with. I want to keep it simple and bring in some Spring colors. I love how cheerful this area is now! 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fireplace Renovation - Part 2

We are nearing the final stretch of our fireplace renovation! (See Part One Here) The change has been so drastic and I am dying for Ryan to turn me loose to decorate it. And clean.... The dust from a project is the worst, I tell ya. 

The trim is now painted arctic white. It took three coats and plenty of drying time between each. The wood really soaked up the paint. 

Ryan set our cable box, DVD player and Wii console on the mantle and wired everything into the TV. When Ryan designed the mantle, he cut a groove in the back to hide all of the wires. 

We are officially ready for cleaning and decorating! 

Big change, right?!?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend was spent working on the mantle project, spending time with my mom, and Caleb stealing tools. This kid is literally trying every ounce of Ryan's patience with the tools. We have laughed so hard at all of the excuses Caleb comes up with to explain why he needs all of his daddy's tools. It's quite entertaining.

To distract him a little, I made popcorn on Saturday. While helping Ryan, I looked over to see this:

That is totally my kid! If I wasn't trying to act like a grown up most of the time, I would seriously eat popcorn like that. I think Caleb was doomed to love popcorn from the beginning. While I was pregnant with him my craving was movie theater popcorn chased with jalapeno slices. No wonder I had the worst heartburn with the kid...I had ugly cravings for popcorn and jalapenos. 

Mom and I went to a couple of antique stores. We so enjoy going together and we always find the craziest stuff....

We found Bambi! 

While no one was watching, we stopped for a quick picture. 
When we paid for our awesome finds, I noticed there were plenty of cameras throughout the store. The owners probably enjoyed our photoshoot....

I found three vases that I just fell in love with. Many decorators are bringing out the milk glass on Pinterest and blogs. I absolutely love the look of it, so I found two vases. I also stumbled across a turquoise vase for an upcoming project. 

We had Sunday dinner with my in-laws. Caleb was wound up as usual...
I don't know how they stand it sometimes. They must have more patience than Mother Teresa! 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fireplace Renovation - Part 1

Today I cannot wait to share our latest renovation with you. Y'all have been so very patient with my lack of blogging and I hope you find it well worth the wait. 

This project all started with a recliner and a TV. 

Our living room is awkward as far as the layout goes. We have tried so many different arrangements over the past five years. Even though we have updated it quite a bit, something still wasn't right. 

Our poor living room continued to be haunted by the 70's. The fireplace was the biggest eyesore in the entire house. If there was one area in our home that just screamed "old" - this was it. 

The hearth was taking up a lot of room and I have always been afraid that Caleb would get hurt there. As wild as he is, I've been waiting on him to fall on it or off of it. 

During the winter, you could also notice how cold the area was. I knew there was no insulation anywhere near the area. 

Recently we were given a new recliner for our living room. Caleb and I had taken over our first recliner and we knew it was time for Ryan to enjoy one too. The only problem was that our living room was way too small to hold a large couch, two recliners, our entertainment center and massive, old TV. 

Ryan cooked up this great idea... It was finally time to let go of our really old TV and get something new. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we would love to have one above the fireplace. There was already another problem. My very typical man decided he didn't want just any TV. No, it had to be a rather large TV. 

Ryan will talk me into an idea of something reasonable to begin with. Then when we actually get to the store and stand in front of choices, his little scheming begins. I kid you not...Ryan missed his calling in sales. 

We originally looked for a flat screen that would fit above the mantle. Then Ryan started talking about what a great deal a bigger TV was. By the time we were walking out of the store, we had a 51" flat screen.
 True story....

So here we are with a new recliner and a large TV that wouldn't fit anywhere. 
And we got the brilliant idea to make it all work.

Ryan removed the 2x4 mantle. I have absolutely despised that thing the entire time we've lived in this house. 

He carefully began removing the stone from the fireplace. It took about an hour to tear it all down. It was absolutely messy!

By the end of the first night, we had everything cleared out. We realized how dark the room seemed with the old fireplace. Once we saw lighter colors in the brick, we realized this was one of the best decisions we had made. 

The next evening, Ryan installed concrete backer board. 

Then it was time for the tile! I wanted the room to feel more updated and brighter. We had actually purchased this tile a couple of years ago in bulk. 

We had to wait for the thin set to dry and then grouted the tile. 

Once the tile was complete, we began the wood work to surround it. Ryan also hung the TV. 

He also cut a transition strip to go from the tile to the carpet. 

I cannot wait to share the finished product with you! Check back to see the final reveal. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Playground and Pizza Night

Tara and I took the kids to one of our local malls this week. Our two independent children enjoyed walking around the mall. Caleb tries to take care of Zoey, but she's ready to do everything all by herself! 
It's rare now for us to get these pictures since they both want to do their own thing! 

Of course we had to stop at the play area. I was amazed with Caleb's speed. I literally was in shock that he could run so fast....I'm a little concerned at this point because I'm not sure I can actually run fast enough to catch him.

Caleb is such a ham! I love this age.

We took the kids to their favorite pizza place for dinner. Caleb loves the parmesean cheese....I looked over to catch him scooping up a pile he had on his plate and dumping it in his mouth. There's never been any doubt that he's my kid...We're too much alike. 


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Checking In

So I'm a terrible blogger this week, right? No doubt. I can't share the details with you quite yet, but I'm wrapping up two bigger projects this week. I cannot wait to share them with you. It will totally be worth my absence....Promise!

Caleb and Ryan have teamed up to complete a really amazing renovation at our house.

Yes, you read that correctly....

My week has gone like this:

Ryan: "Caleb, where's my hammer??"
Caleb: "I'm jus' workin', Dad......"
Ryan: "Caleb, I seriously need my tools to stay in this area."
Caleb: "No, I'm still workin'!"

This conversation repeats itself the entire evening....

They both end up raising their voices until one of them gives in or they sneak in to steal the tool in question.

I've tried to stay out of the way and let them sort this out for themselves. Ryan has patiently tried to explain what he's doing as he goes. It's actually quite cute.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Caleb had his first Valentine's party this year! On Wednesday I made little bags of candy for him to take to school for his friends. We also scored some awesome Spiderman valentines to hand out. He cared more about the pencils that went with them!

Thursday morning, I came out to my chair in the living room to find beautiful roses from my guys. I brought them to work so I could enjoy them more. Ryan also bought me some small pink roses to keep longer.

I think I'm well on my way to having a couple of my coworkers trained. One of them brought me a box of chocolates too. He knew the way to this former fat girl's heart, right? I promise I won't eat them all this week! 

I can't share what Ryan and I actually gave each other for Valentine's Day just yet. But it's even more amazing than roses. Promise! Check back next week to see what we have cooked up....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rock Star

I told y'all earlier in the week that Caleb and I were in really silly moods this past weekend. We went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a blast! Most of the time, Caleb is an only child to us. He doesn't normally have someone he can play with in the evenings, so Ryan and I get to act like kids again. I don't think either of us really mind at all!

Even though he was a pretty awesome baby, I enjoy being able to do things together now. 

We played Guitar Hero for the first time....Caleb really got into the act! He told me that he was now a rock star.
At this point, Ryan wasn't able to keep a straight face! 

On Saturday he was still feeling the effects of his brief moment of rock star glory. He kept saying, "Rock On, Dude!" I mean, seriously, where does he get this stuff?!? 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Want to know what makes me super happy today?


The ones where you can really tell a big difference in something.

 Want to see mine?

When Caleb was about four months old, we took him to the aquarium for the first time. Here I was a new mom and I was high on life with my little boy. Behind the scenes, I struggled. Every single picture that was made of that special day with my son was a reminder that I wasn't taking care of myself.

In December of 2010, we took another trip to the aquarium. At least I had makeup on this time around. I still wasn't taking care of myself. Yet again I had to edit through so many pictures to find a few that I wasn't absolutely horrified to show the world. 

I was brokenhearted for so long over pictures. Caleb is my only child and I want to cherish every single moment with him. When you feel like you're ruining the pictures, it's just plain depressing. 

When we went to the aquarium this weekend, I was just plain nervous. I wanted great pictures with my boy. I dreaded coming home and having to weed through all of the pictures that just weren't good enough. I was sick of editing my pictures. 

For the first time in Caleb's life, I didn't edit or weed through any of them. I was okay with it all. 
I'm not where I want to be, but I am so far away from where I was. 
I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed of any of my pictures now. 
I have fought so hard to get to where I am today. So no, I will not shy away from the pictures with my child. 



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