Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ducks and Trucks

On Saturday Ryan, Caleb, and I had VIP Guest Passes to the O'Reilly World of Wheels. My boys are complete car guys. Martin from Duck Dynasty was scheduled to be there too. We really enjoy the show and it's one of the only shows we can all watch together. Caleb loves everything to do with hunting and this show is perfect for him! 

While standing in line, a man on stage told us that Martin was in "good spirits", but would not be personalizing anything for anyone. He made it sound like Martin wasn't thrilled to actually be there. I started wondering if Martin was a jerk by the time this guy explained all of the rules and how to approach the guy.

When Martin began meeting fans, he seemed totally different. He was super nice and really seemed to take time to speak with the kids that came up. 

When it was our turn, Caleb got pretty shy! Martin took the time to speak to him and cut up with him. He was just a good ole' boy and was genuinely nice. 

Oh, and that whole "Martin isn't personalizing anything" bit? Completely false! 
I sure didn't expect it, but he wrote this to Caleb:

So worth waiting in line to meet him! 

We walked around to see all of the cars. Of course my guys fell in love with the Tennessee Vols truck! 

And my dream car....

Caleb says this was his dream car...

But I think Ryan and Caleb finally picked their favorite together...

No trip is complete without Hot Wheels cars...


  1. oh that is SO cool!!!! We love duck dynasty too!!!! how neat!!!!!!

  2. We haven't been to the World of Wheels in years but my boys always enjoy it. I, of course, enjoy meeting the celebs.

  3. We found that most rules for celebs was different than what really happened. Over the years most of them that we have encountered are pretty nice to people. I think the promoters are worried that things will get out of hand. It looks like you had a fantastic day and Caleb looks really happy!



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