Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Healing Losses

I think I've discovered something very interesting about myself in the past week. I've not lost weight in so long and it was fairly discouraging. I'm still trying hard....eating properly and working out. But nothing. I kept gaining and losing the same 5 to 7 pounds over and over.... for months! That's enough to drive anyone crazy! 

I began looking into a diet designed to heal my metabolism. The idea was that I could eat whole foods in a certain combination that would slowly heal my sluggish metabolism. 

I dropped my bad coffee habit....A pot of coffee a day is caffeine overload, friends! That also took away the Sweet n Low as well. I am so super proud to say that I am officially a week without my beloved coffee! That has been my toughest thing to give up. I'm actually doing a lot better without it! 

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Last week I started eating according to my meal plan. First day....lost two pounds. Second day....another two pounds. Third pound. Fourth day....half a pound. Fifth day....another pound. And that brings me to the big news: 

I broke my almost 5 month long plateau!  


As I watched the weight come back off in amazement, I realized a couple of things....

  1. I removed all dairy from my diet during the trial period. 
  2. I removed all caffeine. 
  3. I removed all artificial sweeteners. 
I don't know exactly what triggered it, but I have this feeling that I may have a dairy sensitivity. 

I read that some food allergies and sensitivities don't automatically show. When I imagine a food allergy, I think of the extreme allergic reactions some people have to nuts. I kept reading and discovered that some allergies have slower reactions. A dairy allergy or sensitivity can cause inflammation of the intestines and can cause a weight gain up to thirty pounds in a year's time. The allergy slowly causes bad bacteria in our intestines and there comes a point when you must heal it with probiotics. 

So that's where I'm at so far....

I feel so much more energetic! No caffeine crashes for sure. Looking back, I never really noticed that I had them until I didn't have them. I feel a lot less weighed down and icky. And I have this renewed drive to see exactly what my body can do!

Anyone care to see my weekly meal plan that I'm using?

Wanna know a secret? I'm only .2 pounds away from being in my normal weight range. I will officially be out of the overweight category soon! 


  1. Ah-mazing! You look fab! Keep it up, and YES! What are you eating!?

  2. Ah-mazing! You look fab! and YES! What are you eating!?

  3. yeahhhh get it girl!!! you look amazing!!! do tell us your meal plan!!

  4. You look great - congrats on breaking the plateau! I do believe it is very possible to have an allergy or sensitivity without it having obvious outward signs. When I gave up dairy and grains, all of a sudden I could drop weight and feel more energetic with NO problem!! But it's not as if I am allergic to them by a doctor's standards... they just inflame me and make my body less efficient.

  5. Yes, I would love to see that meal plan, please!! You look amazing. Have been following for a few months now, and I'm so glad you broke through the plateau!

  6. Yes, please please please share your weekly meal plan! You look amazing and I'm so glad you broke through the plateau. Have been following for a few months and can't get over this instant change! Please share :)

  7. Yes, please please please share your meal plan! Have been following for a few months and I am so happy to see how stunningly you've broken through your plateau. Please share your secrets!

  8. Definitely want to know!! I also have been at this annoying plateau for months and it's often discouraging. Let us in on your secret :)

  9. Lots of people have dairy allergies. I might; both my kids had periods-as newborns-of formula allergies, and most allergies are hereditary. However, if I have dairy issues, they are well hidden. Not as obvious as the tomatoes, cats, mold, dust, and antibiotic allergies are. Congrats!

  10. you look great! Yes we wanna know you big tease!

  11. Yes, yes, yes! You look awesome! I would love to see what you are eating - I'm trying really, really hard to break my coffee addiction (and artificial sweeteners --- I use Stevia in the Raw which may or may not be as bad as all the rest).......

  12. You are in the overweight category? You don't look it at all! I'm just out of it, still close enough that I could bump back in with a couple bad days. Trying to get a little lower to just give me some wiggle room. You look absolutely great though (better than MY reflection!)

  13. Congrats!! Yes please share your meal plan!!



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