Friday, January 17, 2014


Things have been unusually busy. We've been tackling a room in our house at a time and making updates. Mostly it's just a whole lot of hard work without spending a ton of money! 

You saw our living room update and my pantry. We are decluttering and cleaning along the way to make life much easier on ourselves. There's nothing like a fresh, clean, happy home to come to every day. 

We've moved on to the master bath room. I updated it almost three years ago. My husband and I love the Tennessee Volunteers, but we were ready for a change. The chocolate brown walls needed to go. I feel like a lighter color will really open the space up and make it appear to be a lot larger. 

We had a few areas to patch in this bathroom...

My husband is a perfectionist when it comes to projects. Once he gets started on something, it's either do it absolutely right or leave it alone. There's no in between. 

And I do the picture taking....

I can't wait to share the finished project with you! 

Until'll find us in the bathroom. 


  1. So what color are you painting? Light brown like an almond'ish, or....? we are going to paint our entire downstairs a light-to-medium gray. Gray is SUCH a tough color to nail right easy to get baby blue or light split pea soup green. LOL

  2. I love the idea of home updates, I just hate DOING them! LOL

  3. My husband is a builder (he built our home) and it's hard for him to work in brand new, beautiful homes each day and then come home to our house, which is great, but very lived in (as I've mentioned, I have FIVE boys). I'm VERY resistant to change, even improvements, especially if they will inconvenience me (even for just a short time). It makes me a very easy wife (I'm perfectly satisfied with things the way they are) but it can be hard on him when he WANTS change. It would just be so hard for me to live with a remodel project. We do need new carpet in the main room though, pretty desperately. Enough that even I am willing to say "let's do it" ...

  4. Oh! I can't wait to see the finished product.... Such time consuming work, and yes,,, very costly, but so worth it! I bet it's beautiful when it's finished!



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