Monday, January 20, 2014

Motivation Monday - New Things to Try

Good Monday morning!!!

While Spring just around the corner, I start thinking about all of the fun, exciting things my family and I can do outdoors this year. My little boy is getting older so being more active outside is much easier! 

How do you fit in fun activities for the whole family? When did you begin getting your kids involved? 

This year, Ryan and I want to try some new things out....

  • Finally biking together on designated bike trails! (I have waited so long for this one. Caleb wasn't crazy about just sitting in the bike trailer. Now he's old enough to ride his own!)
  • We're actually thinking of trying out the Tennessee Riverpark with Caleb as well. 
  • We'll be taking the boat out all summer and I'm sure plenty of swimming is in our future. 
  • Caleb is also signing up for T-ball again this Spring, so I want to be more active with practicing with him. Playing catch and mostly chasing after the ball is plenty of exercise! 
  • Caleb is learning to rollerskate and I want to have family night at the skating rink. It's a great way to spend time together and burns a ton of calories!

As my family grows and changes, I want to introduce lasting family activities we all can enjoy. I am so fortunate that my husband and little boy are naturally active. They'd rather be doing something than sitting around most of the time. It makes it so much easier for me to stay active that way. 

I believe a mother sets the example in her home. If I plan and cook healthier meals, my family eats better. If I choose to get active, they will join me. It may not happen automatically for all families. But over time, your family will see your lifestyle change as something positive. They will see how much healthier and happier you are and they will begin to want that for their own lives. 

My husband eats enough to weigh 400 pounds. Bring on the greasy hamburgers and the french fries covered in gravy. For years, that was his main diet. I began eating healthier and over time my husband started eating more like me. He saw for himself how much better your body feels when you fuel it with better foods. Now it's rare that he actually eats like he once did. It took some time, but he eventually followed my lead. 

So, try new things. You may be the only one doing it, but your family will see how much better life can be! 

Don't forget to stop by and see what my co-hosts want to try! 

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  1. One of my goals as a mom to seven is to keep our family close and family activities are part of that equation!

    As far as food goes, as the primary cook for my family, I'm the one who sets the tone.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great summer!

  3. Wish I could convince my husband to try new things outside the house.

  4. Yes, roller skating is a blast! I just started roller derby. The calorie burn is crazy.

  5. My biggest motivation is setting healthy examples for my family. I cook their food and am the one who makes most of the plans. The kids are doing great and I can really tell all my hard work is paying off, but my husband will take a while... Glad to see your husband slowly came aboard!

  6. I love your idea about introducing new activities for the family and making them more of a staple in how you spend time together. As our kids get older we're trying to do the same thing.

  7. Your summer sounds exciting. You are building memories for your children, in addition, to helping them learn how to be healthy their whole lives!



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