Sunday, January 5, 2014


I love the motivation that a new year brings. All of a sudden I'm worse than a nesting pregnant woman! 
Sometime about January and the thoughts of spring makes me want to brighten and organize everything around me. I love big, bold changes. 

Over three years ago we painted our living room a very light blue. At the time I really loved it, but as my style changed I grew to despise it. The only reason I haven't changed it sooner is because our entryway is really tall and I hate standing on a ladder to paint. 

Ryan and I are ready to give our home a more neutral look throughout. We both like the fresh, clean look of neutral walls and pops of colors with accents. 

I absolutely hate the prep work that comes with painting a room. Unfortunately I have issues with changing my mind all of the time. That leaves tons of tiny holes in the walls.

(My husband loves me through it.)

Ryan patched every single spot on the walls. 

Friday night, we started painting. Caleb wanted to "help" so I set him up with a little paint and his own brush. 

On Saturday, my dad arrived to take Caleb out so we could work. Thank Heavens for that! That evening, we had made some serious progress! 

Now we have a fresh, neutral color on the walls in our living room, hallway, and entry. We have about 16 hours of painting in this job, but it looks great now. 

Just a little more and I can share the finished project with you! 


  1. The turquoise we have downstairs will become a light-medium gray by June. So I get it. ;)

  2. So funny that I read this post because I have a room that is a few shades darker than the one you have (actually it's more yellow) and I have been wanting to paint it blue for a very long time. The thing keeping me from doing it is the ceilings in that room are SO high and like you said, getting the proper equipment can be a hassel! Good luck to you!



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