Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve

Our New Year's Eve was different this year. Instead of hanging around the house, we decided to hit the trails in the Jeep and hopefully test out the new toys my husband got for Christmas. 

One of our friends told us about this beautiful mountain area with lots of trails not far from Chattanooga. We saw this huge rock cliff that overlooked the river. I've bungee jumped a couple of times, but I was really uncomfortable standing near the edge of this giant cliff. 

It was absolutely gorgeous though. 

Mu husband obviously had no issue with hanging his head off the side of a cliff. 

Meanwhile, Caleb and I found a safer rock to climb. 

Most of the off-road trails were closed for the winter so we drove to another place to try to ride. 

It was seriously muddy and our Jeeps slid everywhere! 

My brother got his Jeep stuck pretty soon after we hit the first trail. Ryan and I had no idea we'd left him behind. We went back to help him get un-stuck. 

We decided it was probably best to turn around after that. Ryan only got to use the compressor I gave him for Christmas. 

His other Jeep toy was a new winch that he has been drooling and dreaming about since the day he bought the Jeep. 

Caleb absolutely loved riding! He's just like his daddy. 

He was so worn out from our adventure....


  1. Sounds like a lovely adventure. Tennessee looks beautiful! I love the mountains there.



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