Friday, February 28, 2014

I Can Save You Money....

During tax time, I am given a chance to compare things from year to year. Maybe it's the nerd in me, but I just do. The past two years, I haven't had to itemize my medical bills on my taxes because there haven't really been any. It made me think about how much money we've saved overall since I started taking care of my body. Honestly, it is amazing....

I did a comparison of my 2010 (pre-weight loss) and 2013 (most current) budgets. My 80 pound weight loss has drastically reduced some of my most expensive categories. 

Expense 2010 2013
Insurance Premiums $4420.00 $3120.00
Copays $400.00 $140.00
Out of Pocket $4200.00 $0.00
Medicine $1546.00 $324.00
Groceries $10,400.00 $6,500.00
Eating Out $5,200.00 $1,040.00

In 2010 we spent $26,166.00 on insurance, medical bills, and food. In 2013, we shaved $15,042.00 by spending only $11,124.00.

How does that happen? 

  • When I lost weight, I shopped around for better, cheaper insurance. I have the exact same coverage and am actually paying a lot less for it. Being obese and suffering from all of the health issues that stem from it was driving my premiums sky high.
  • Since I am taking care of myself and my family, we are not visiting the doctors as often. Eating clean has really helped with that. Caleb and I catch everything! Now that we are supplying our bodies with quality, nutrient dense foods we are able to fight off sickness much better. 
  • I had surgery to remove my gallbladder and repair a hernia in 2010. My diet and health choices led to gallbladder failure. I had to pay for an ultrasound of my gallbladder, a nuclear scanning test, and then surgery to remove it and repair the hernia. This amount does not include time out of work for all of the medical visits and post-op recovery. I also had an MRI of my back done. 
  • Prior to finding ALDI, we spent so much on groceries. Then most of the time, we'd let the food go bad by eating out so much. Pure laziness on my part, y'all. I'd buy "fat free" everything that really wasn't great for my family. It was more expensive and then I cooked a separate meal for Ryan and Caleb. Most of it wasn't terribly healthy either....
  • We ate out so much in 2010. I was lazy and miserable. Plain and simple. I didn't care about the thousands of extra calories I was eating just from eating out. Not one bit....
What is not shown on the table? 

I am not only an emotional eater, I also spend money as therapy. When I was overweight, miserable, and hurting, I spent money just to feel better. We'd do extra things with Caleb on the weekends to compensate for my feelings of failing as a wife and mother. Somewhere in my mind, I was convinced that I could simply make up for all of my shortcomings by spending money on the ones I love. 

There's no way to calculate what I've gained since I took control of my life, health, and happiness. I don't feel the constant need to self-soothe with money. I'm not paying for health problems anymore because I am fortunate enough to not have any now. 

Not only is my whole family healthier and happier, we can save a lot more money. We can put that towards doing something fabulous for our family instead of wasting it on being miserable. 


  1. Such a wonderful comparison!!! Crazy how we don't realize how much being unhealthy is costing us literally!

  2. Wow, that's crazy how much less money you've spent on healthcare! I'm sure the surgery was responsible for a big chunk, though.

  3. That is a big difference! Thanks for showing us that better quality of life can help you keep more money in your wallet.

  4. Whoa this is amazing. I can't believe you sounds THOUSANDS. Eating out costs so much money, if I could even stop doing takeout I bet I'd save a small fortune.

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