Friday, February 21, 2014

My ALDI Addiction

It's no secret around here how much I adore ALDI. When I first started my clean eating lifestyle, ALDI was my go-to store. Not only can I feed my family good, quality food....We save a TON of money! Our grocery bill has been cut almost in half over the past several months. 

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Every single time I go in my local store, I am amazed by the deals and the new products. ALDI has started carrying a few organic products that taste amazing, but still save so much money. It's a win-win every single time! The most important thing I can always count on: Quality! 

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Ryan and I have made a point to compare products. We've tried Walmart, Bi Lo, and Publix's spinach. Every single time, the ALDI pre-packaged spinach stays fresher longer and has a better taste. We prefer all of their frozen fruits and vegetables over any other competitor. The taste is always much better and fresher. For some reason, Ryan and I are always surprised. For years I thought that if I was paying more for something it would be better quality. Not the case with ALDI. I can save so much and find better tasting foods. 

Many of the readers here have never thought of trying ALDI and are curious about it. I have received many emails asking why the prices are so much better at ALDI. It's really simple....They have lower overhead. 

When you come to ALDI, bring two things: a quarter and reusable shopping bags. 

You're going to laugh at us, but Ryan and I keep an "ALDI quarter" in my car. It is saved specifically for the shopping carts! Every time we pull up at ALDI, Caleb grabs the quarter and is the designated "cart getter". Your quarter fits in the slot on the cart and releases the chain. At the end of your shopping trip, just return the cart and get your quarter back. 

How does this help ALDI

Instead of paying someone to go out and get all of the shopping carts throughout the day, they can cut prices on their products with the money saved. They also don't have to pay for cart corrals in the parking lot either. 

When checking out, make sure to bring some reusable shopping bags! ALDI saves money and the environment by not using plastic bags. Once a week, Ryan and I would buy one of the extra large ALDI reusable bags (just $1.99 each) until we had enough to cover our shopping trips. With all of the money saved on groceries, it was a great deal! 

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My favorite ALDI items? 

  • Milk (We can buy a gallon for just over $3 at ALDI. Any other store is over $5 a gallon)
  • Eggs ($1.39 per dozen)
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries, mangoes, pineapple ($.99 each!!!), seedless grapes, and apples
  • All of the veggies are awesome!
  • Dried beans
  • Organic salad dressing
  • Frozen skinless, chicken breasts
  • Mussels ($2.99 a pack....same brand at other stores: $8.99)
  • Frozen mangoes, strawberries, and blueberries
  • Frozen whole wheat waffles (Caleb loves these!)
  • Corned beef brisket (No other brand compares! I'll share our recipe later.)
  • Turkey bacon and sausage
  • Hummus
  • Almond milk
  • Egg whites
  • Oatmeal
  • Seasonings
I basically do all of my shopping at ALDI. If they don't have it, I pretty much don't need it. 

We seriously love their spinach! My kid gets a little excited about it....

I create basic salads for our lunch from the freshest ALDI ingredients. Spinach, corn roasted in a skillet, and fresh avocado is perfect for a quick, easy lunch. I love the tuna and chicken from ALDI on top of a pretty salad. 

My grocery budget has gone from about $200 per week for myself, my husband and my child to right around $125 (often times less) per week. That is absolutely huge to us! The food is better and I save money. Makes complete sense! 

I've got some exciting news to share....Since writing my original ALDI/clean eating post here, I have been invited by ALDI to visit their test kitchen and tour their wonderful facilities! I am beyond flattered, blessed and excited for the opportunity to share my love of ALDI with all of you. 

All opinions are my own since I refuse to be bribed. I have been a dedicated ALDI shopper long before this offer. I simply love quality food and saving money. My long time readers know that I'm going to tell it like it is!  


  1. That's great! Can't wait to read your post about it. I've never been to Aldi's because it takes an hour to get there. But I'll make a point to stop in next time and check it out :)

  2. I had to chuckle at your "Aldi quarter" comment. I keep a quarter in my car for Aldi, too. I always know it's there. And it's nice to not have to dig through your purse to find one when you get there. I have not tried their bag spinach. I guess I need to venture out a bit more.

  3. I love aldi too but they don't carry everything. my sunday trips are to aldi first and anything i can't get like fresh deli meat and soft drinks i will go to food lion. i have to pack lunches for three boys and its easier (and cheaper) to get two pounds from the deli. but you are right aldi is much cheaper than other stores. they had bugles the other week fo $.99 a bag and the bag was a regular size. at food lion the same day they were $2.50 and that was on sale. same size and everything!

  4. I wish we had an Aldi around here. We do have Winco and they are very cheap, and much better business practices than Walmart. They are even cheaper than Walmart in most cases and they are employee owned. I was surprised at the milk price. Here it is $2.69 per gallon just about everywhere.

  5. Sharing the ALDI love, Wendy! When things got tight financially for us a few years back, I finally gave ALDI a try, and I've been hooked ever since! For the past couple of years, I've been slowly wading through the items at ALDI, doing some comparisons, and offering up my reviews at my blog,

    I hope it might be of value to those who might have considered shopping at ALDI, but might have some hesitation, or really ANYONE who might be wondering, "what's good at ALDI?"

  6. I also have a designated Aldi's quarter in my wallet. The produce at my store is a bit hit or miss. Yours looks so fresh.

  7. You have convinced me! I need to check out Aldi's!

  8. We love Aldi too!! We have slowly been trying their brands, and have been pleasantly surprised. Congrats!!

  9. We love Aldi too!! We have been trying their brands lately, and have been pleasantly surprised! Congrats on your new venture with Aldi!!

  10. We leave our quarter in the car too! So not silly at all!

  11. I love Aldi's too! You are so lucky, your store is really nice. My store is less than a year old and looks really shabby already. It's in a bad area so I think that accounts for it.

    Love how your little guy helps with the shopping and already eats healthy!

    Can't wait for your post on the Aldi's test kitchen visit; I am so jealous! Have fun!


  12. That's so exciting! I absolutely love ALDI too! I rarely to anywhere else! After the new year I even picked up an awesome kettlebell set, scale, and blender for personal smoothies!



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