Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Plenty of Questions

I have been asked by several people lately if I have had any type of weight loss surgery. I understand 80 pounds (Yes! You read that correctly!) is a lot of weight. I lost it through good ol' fashioned healthy eating and exercising. 

Secretly, I am a big wuss. I don't do pain, so any type of surgery is the last thing I want. I've had an emergency C-Section with Caleb, gallbladder surgery, and my wisdom teeth extracted. Three cuts my entire life and I guarantee I was the absolute biggest baby afterwards. The idea of putting myself through any surgery makes me shudder. I don't do well with pain meds and anesthesia at all. Um, I don't do well with pain either. Yet another reason why Caleb is my one and only child. 

So....no weight loss surgery for me. 

I've been asked about loose skin. I've lost 80 pounds and that's pretty drastic. I did it extremely slowly and I have been very fortunate. My skin tightened up along the way, so there's no need for any type of plastic surgery in my future. I am so very thankful that my skin cooperated. I had a very heavy pregnancy and was heavy for two years after. I am blessed. If you came here looking for answers for loose skin, the best I can recommend is get in touch with Sheri at Cali Girls! She can help you! 

I've also been slammed recently over my Everyday Health article from last year. I was interviewed for the article before I started eating clean. At the time, my breakfast was a Fiber One bar and yogurt. Some people have come here and just absolutely jumped all over me about how "unclean" it is. Yes, I realize that. I don't eat them anymore. I get a lot of blog traffic from people who read the article. They jump over here and see me talking all "eat clean this" and "eat clean that". All of a sudden they develop this "holier than thou" attitude telling me how unhealthy I am since I still eat Fiber One bars... all without looking at the date of the article. 

My weight loss journey is always evolving. As I learn more about myself and how to live a healthier lifestyle, I introduce better things as I go. I'm a huge advocate of baby steps. Change one thing at a time and let it become a habit. Trying to go from the unhealthiest kind of lifestyle to doing two hours of Zumba twice a week and eating clean is nearly impossible. You may do it for a week or two, but it's overwhelming all at once. If you change things slowly you are much more likely to stick with it! 

Each body is different and things that work for me won't always work for someone else. That's just life. Comparing me to myself a year ago isn't going to work either. 

Since I began eating clean 80% of the time, I've lost ten pounds and several inches. I've toned up a lot! 

Before Clean Eating....


I see it more in my face, hips, and belly. 
My abs are a lot more defined now, thank goodness! 

So there are some answers to my frequently asked questions lately! 


  1. People are so rude! Great job on all your hard work! I'm eating extremely clean now (Whole30 - but doing it for 60) and I am loving the inches that are leaving my body!

    1. It's okay. I think some people assume 80 pounds naturally is nearly impossible without extreme measures. It's taken me a while, but sometimes it's hard for me to believe too!

      Don't you feel so much better too?

  2. People can be so mean especially when they can be anonymous. I think you do a great job on your blog. You are so very honest about your whole weight loss. I think you help a lot more people than you know. I ordered the book you mentioned. Looking forward to using that method to lose weight. I went on a similar diet and lost 8 lbs in one month. I think the book will give me more structure. Plus it has a lot more variations in food than the one I followed. Thanks for all your advice I love reading your blog.

  3. Still inspired by how your journey has been developing! Thanks so much for sharing! I've been working on this seriously for a few months now and it has been amazing the changes I am noticing. Small changes every day in the way I eat and exercise to get me to a healthier life! Way to go girl!

  4. People can sometimes be mean and it's difficult for people to understand weightloss is a journey and you learn new things almost every day...even I remember the things I used to eat in the beginning of my weightloss are no longer a part of my diet..



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