Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Days

Last week our area was hit with a huge amount of snow! We hardly ever get snow and when we do it's maybe an inch or two. When the local news stations started calling for several inches, I just laughed! 

As we got closer to the projected snowfall, I realized that it may actually happen. We were prepared.... Ryan's Jeep was ready....I had plenty of food....my child was with me....and we weren't trying to move boats for a boat show. Bring it on! 

We got some snow on Wednesday afternoon. Ryan bought us sleds. I'm almost thirty years old and had never been sledding. Cross it off my bucket list now. 

We were like a bunch of kids out in the yard! It was cold so we only played for about ten minutes. Caleb was sick with the sinus crud we have all passed around and had his first case of pink eye on top of that. We wanted to make sure he continued to get well. 

We snuggled up in our pj's and watched the snow fall. 

After Caleb went to bed, Ryan and I watched it snow all evening. I just couldn't believe we were getting so much! 

It was absolutely beautiful! 

My dad checked out the marina and sent me pictures the next morning. It was so peaceful looking. 

We stayed home from work to play.
Our deck had 8 inches of snow!!! 

One of my coworkers wrecked his car in a ditch so my dad closed the marina. That's the first time ever! Rain, snow, flood or shine....we are always there. 

I'd much rather play and stay safe! 

We built a snowman while Ryan took the Jeep around our neighborhood to see if we were stuck. 

Caleb picked out our snowman's accessories and it was a little bit sad....

We had so much fun playing in the Jeep! There wasn't anywhere it couldn't go. 

(I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of being stuck somewhere!)

We decided to head to our old high school's track. There's a huge hill there and I knew it would be perfect for sledding. I've always wanted to sled down it! 

We all had the best time! 

It was nice to take a break from the every day parts of life to act like kids again. We never get to enjoy a carefree snow day and it was so much fun! 


  1. How fun! We got the same snow storm last week, too, up here in Virginia and my husband was off from school/work for 2 days. My daughter lives in Chattanooga and had the day off from work because of the snow. We find this funny because we are originally from Nebraska where it snows often and things don't shut down unless there is a ton of snow. But the difference is that Nebraska is flat, so not as dangerous to drive on as the hills in this part of the country! Glad you had a fun day with your family!

  2. looks like you had so much fun :) thanks for sharing the snaps...



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