Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's Wrong With Coffee?

Every time we turn around coffee is good for us. Then the next week it's not good for us. 

With conflicting studies and reports, I basically just did my own thing when it came to coffee without thinking another thing about it. I suppose deep down I really knew the amount of coffee I was drinking wasn't good for me. I was highly addicted to the caffeine in it and I had no plans of giving it up. I figured, "Hey, everything else is healthy. I'll just keep one little thing."

I had no idea that the extra caffeine was hurting me and preventing me from losing weight. 

I would put caffeine in my system. During the day, the caffeine would work it's way through my body. Eventually my body would experience a "crash" and I would need another pick-me-up. Over time I conditioned my body to rely on me supplying the caffeine. The extreme fluctuations absolutely exhausted my adrenal system. 

What's an important thing your adrenal system controls???

You guessed it.... Metabolism! 

Caffeine stimulates the stress hormones in our bodies. The more we drink, the more those hormones are released. Your body tries to adjust to the extra hormones. When you have extra hormones, your body tells your metabolism to cut back in an effort to cope with them. 

Then you are stuck in a vicious cycle. 

Check out this article from Natural News if you're curious about it! 

If you think you may have an issue with adrenal fatigue, you can read more here and here

Will I never have another cup of coffee?

Coffee and cats two of my favorite things
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I believe you can have a cup of coffee as a treat. I won't be drinking it daily anymore because my health is way more important to me. 


  1. I'm expecting my book tomorrow and I am curious if this will help me. You see, I gave up soda years ago, I may take a sip of my husbands sometime and as far as coffee, I don't think I'm addicted. I don't own a coffee maker so I only drink it throught the week at work, maybe 2 to 3 cups a day. From your experience, do you think it will still help me?

    1. I believe it's worth a try. Just to see, you know? I think the clean eating and the combination of foods will be the biggest help though.

    2. I hope so!
      I had my coworker order the book for me since he has an account with Amazon and he said that the same lady had a cook book too. I think I'll look into it also.

  2. Just as I was about to go get a cup of coffee to wake me up.............

    *Just reminding everyone to make sure they have followed my new blog..... ;) Thanks!*

  3. Wow this is so interesting. I have always noticed on week where I overindulge in coffee, my weight goes up, but if I stick to one coffee a day and drink water the rest of the day, my weight either stays the same or goes down (depending on what else I eat that week too). Thanks for sharing this's a good reminder that even 1 cup a day is probably too many!



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