Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Upcoming ALDI Trip

I shared my amazing news with you about my opportunity to visit the ALDI test kitchen. 

When I was approached with the offer, I just knew it wasn't legitimate. I've questioned over and over...Why me? My absolute favorite grocery store picked me. It was like winning the clean eating lottery, y'all! 

(I'll be the first to admit I'm so intimidated! Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that this blog is even read until someone mentions something I've written.) 

This week, I will be meeting with ALDI reps, food stylist Janice Stahl (worked with Oprah, Extreme Home Makeover, and Tyler Florence...Eeek!), and registered dietitian Sylvia Klinger. 

I've been asked to gather questions for them from you! 

That's right! They want your to know what's on your mind. 

Would you mind leaving at least one question in the comment section below that I may take with me to the ALDI test kitchen? 

Are there certain items you want to see in stores? Questions about your favorite ALDI products? Curious about an ALDI expansion in your town? Want to know how to impress guests with your recipes at a party? 

If you were meeting with brilliant people, what would you like to find out? 

C'mon.....You know you wanna ask! 



  1. I'd love to know if they plan to bring an Aldi to Connersville, IN!

    1. Richmond isn't too far. I used to live out that way :) Esp if you go to town for other things--they have a rue21 now!

  2. I live in Mobile, AL and the closest stores are 4-6 hours away. Any chance of new stores opening in my area?

  3. Definitely more organic stuff! I love Aldi's!


  4. i would like to know what items that Aldi carries are specifically GMO free and for them to add more to their simply nature line.

  5. I want an Aldi to come to Lynchburg, VA! How exciting! What an opportunity!

  6. As a vegan, I find a VERY limited selection of frozen vegetable without meat our sauces on them in Aldi. It's this something they can address?

    Also, I would like to see canned fruit or fruit cups without syrup or sugars added offered in their stores

  7. That's so neat, Wendy! I pretty much exclusively shop at Aldi now and I was just there for a huge trip today! I'm stumped for questions right now, but I know I'll come up with something....

  8. I would love to know if they will be bringing in more organic items:) We made our 2nd trip today and saved over $50! Woot woot!

  9. I live in Bullhead City AZ would love to see a store close by.

  10. I'd love to see more healthy cereals! Ones with less sugar and more whole oats and such.

  11. I would love to see the gluten free line in the stores permanently, and expanded. The items were tried were really good!

    This is minor, but all the canned fruit except pear slices are in extra light syrup or juices. Pears are in heavy syrup, so I never buy them. We usually have fresh fruit but I always try to keep a few cans in the pantry in case we run out.

    Have fun!

  12. I wish we could get an Aldi in Columbus, GA. Shopped at one while on vacation in TN last year and loved it. Fingers crossed we'll get one soon.


  13. I would love to see them add more natural and organic foods (i.e. produce, meat, dairy, cereal, snacks for kids, etc.).

  14. I'd love to see one in So. Cal! :)

  15. Would love to see more in the meat selection.. (steak, organic meats, etc). also love to see more in the Simply Nature brand.

    One other thing, I would love it if they had just a few more basic groceries like ricotta cheese, buffalo sauce, more spices, and non-food items like tampons (kotex to be exact:), LUVS diapers, razors. stuff like that.
    have fun on your trip!!

  16. Our town has an Aldi store now. Yay! I save a lot of money on snacks and nuts and condiments, but I have avoided the canned fruit (just like others have mentioned) because of the sugar rather than fruit juice. I am also curious about their meat sources since my husband is leery or discount meat.



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