Thursday, April 17, 2014

Complete Joy

In real life, I get super emotional over things. My dad laughs at it and aggravates me about it sometimes, but it's just me. I get really sentimental over things....

Caleb has been begging me to take the training wheels off of his bicycle. I wondered over and over again if he was ready. Four and a half seems really young to me, but my kid is persistent.

I remember being about 5 when I learned and crashing my bike is one of my earliest memories. My dad taught me how to ride a bike. The moment he turned away to talk to a neighbor, I crash... Big skinned up forehead (because when I was 5, helmets weren't the going thing) and an injured pinkie finger. I was absolutely terrified to climb back on! Imagine me drama queening it up and bawling my eyes out....

As a mom, I am terrified of my precious child getting hurt. Then I remember he is a wild, rambunctious little boy and I simply have to get over it.

In all honesty, Caleb is pretty dang amazing. We worked for about 10 minutes and ended up with this:

I mean seriously.... He's so athletic it puts me to shame! 

I was over the moon ecstatic! It's almost like he knew exactly what to do and I didn't have to try hard. I was squealing in the front yard because I got to teach my little boy how to ride a bike. 

Then the emotions set in.....

I ran beside my little boy in the front yard.... I got to teach him to ride his bike.... I struggled so long with sitting on the sidelines of my little boy's life when I was too obese to do much with him. It wasn't my athletic husband running through the yard beside him during this huge kid milestone. No, it was his mama. (I cry typing this out....) It was me. 

I made a memory with my child just like my dad did with me. I had the energy to keep up and actually help him over and over. Even though the neighbors may think I am nuts (which I totally am), I celebrated for so many reasons in that front yard. 

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  1. That is amazing :) I am soo looking forward to my lil guy getting out there and learning new things.



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