Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crazy Boy

This crazy kid has been entertaining us lately...

He has a minion impression....It's adorable. 

My brother took Caleb fishing this weekend and they had the best time! Caleb caught several fish and had to hold every single one. 

He sits on the bathroom counter with me every morning as I am putting on my makeup. And proceeds to ask several hundred questions in a ten minute time frame. Totally not kidding....

I hate to admit this and possibly jinx myself, but Caleb has finally passed the terrible two's and horrible three's. We were afraid the four's were going to be worse, but we've finally gotten into the groove of things. So much better!!!!!! 


  1. love the fun young men can bring into our life, my children are grown but my nephews keep us alive and running
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  2. He seems to have such a huge personality! I bet he just adds so much fun to your life.

  3. I love this! Loved seeing your blog for the first time today! I look forward to seeing more! xx Mary



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