Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Ryan had a guys weekend in Tellico. Caleb and I drove up after the baby shower on Saturday. It was rainy and muddy. Easter Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and we spent time riding in the woods. 

Ryan's new roll cage is finally finished (he built it himself) and we love it! It completely protects all three of us now. Caleb loves climbing around on it like a jungle gym. 

We got some trail riding in before lunch. Nothing chills Caleb out like a Jeep ride. He can be in the foulest mood and suddenly he's quiet and happy when the Jeep starts. It's hilarious! 

Ryan admits that his Jeep is definitely his favorite out of all the vehicles he's ever owned. He never leaves anything stock and the Jeep is totally customized now. 

This sweet little girl spent the weekend in Tellico too. Zoey is just the cutest thing! I love her like crazy!

She is just filled with joy! 

We hid eggs and turned the kids loose. This year was definitely more fun! They ran around searching and really got into it. 

We came back for an early Easter dinner with my husband's family. There was more egg hunting. Caleb decided it was a great idea to hunt for eggs in his Jeep. Combine that with a massive yard and it turned into the longest egg hunt in the history of ever....

Caleb adores his Nana and Pa.  

It was absolutely gorgeous out and we watched Caleb ride around in the yard. 

 We were blessed with a gorgeous weekend filled with our family and friends. Easter is such a special time for us and we enjoyed it so much this year. 

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  1. Girl you are so pretty!! Great pics, looks like a fun weekend!



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