Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Randoms

All of my size 8 pants are getting loose. The people who love and adore me gave me money for my birthday this year. I decided to just try some 6's to see how they fit. 

And they totally did! I even had some room in the waist.... Yay! 

So stinkin' excited, y'all! 

I've really been working on toning my stomach. I'm finally seeing the results of that and couldn't be happier! 

I have maybe two areas that I'd love to work on and they're slowly getting there. 

I've been spending plenty of time on the docks and hanging out in the sunshine. My job is absolutely fabulous... I get to look at the lake every single day. You could only beat it with maybe an ocean view. 

I got to meet Murphy this week. He's a special pup.... He's a service dog. His owner is my buddy and they are absolutely loving each other. He's so sweet! This pup can open doors, bring just about anything to you, and other super awesome things I have yet to witness. 

I'm throwing this in here just 'cause I can. I haven't braided my hair since elementary school... ta da. 

That's all the random I've got for this week....


  1. Yay for size 6! I am comfortably back in size 8's and I couldn't be happier. Every now and then a random size 6 fits me...but I am totally ok with 8's. Keep up the great work, you look awesome!

  2. girl u are rae getting so freakin tiny!!!u go girl!!!

  3. You look great! I remember fitting into a size 6, hoping to get back there (currently in 10 or 8) ...



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