Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Messy Make Up Issues Solved!

I'm always looking for ways to simplify and organize my entire life. The OCD side of me just craves it. One thing I absolutely despise is my makeup bag. I hate having to dig around in the whole bag searching for my everyday essentials. Most days, I keep it simple. 

The sweet people at Beauty Butler sent me two different size organizers to try out. 

It's such a simple, but amazing idea. Take your make up, stick the provided "Grab Tabs" on your make up and stick it on the boards. They're thin and light weight, keep your make up organized, and travel well. 

You can literally make it work with any make up you have. 

I decided to keep my most used items on the two boards. 

This is so much easier to take to the camper on the weekends or it fits easily in my purse or gym bag without scattering everywhere! 

I think I'll order a few more to start organizing some of my specialty stuff. 


Easily add or remove makeup from Beauty Butler trays, or create custom makeup palettes to use makeup right from Beauty Butler.

Works With Your Makeup

Works any type, shape or brand of cosmetics.


Use alone, organize your current makeup bags, drawers & cases, or use with various storage containers from your favorite department store.


Beauty Butler takes up little space, is lightweight & easily moves from your makeup drawer to your purse to your luggage.


Lasts for years, made from lightweight plastic and industrial hook and loop.

Available in 2 Colors

Order in Pink or Black. Make your selection at checkout.

Easy Clean Up

Beauty Butler is washable, use a damp rag to clean any makeup residue from the Beauty Butler.

2 Sizes:
Are you a Flirt, Diva or Both?

Flirt: 4″ x 6″ Perfect for your clutch, small products and touch up makeup.
Diva: 6″ x 8″ Perfect for larger amounts of makeup and accessories. Works well in larger handbags.

Digging like a dog Through Your messy Makeup Bag?
You Are Way Too Good For That.

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