Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reader Question: Clothing Dilemma!

Before I tried to lose weight I wore a size 16/18. I could barely squeeze into some stretchy 14's depending on the brand. My shirts were all extra large. 

Oliva asked: 

How did you keep up with your clothes during your weight loss? Are you the size you want to be now? You look great.

I was one of those people who couldn't seem to part with my smaller clothes. I couldn't get rid of anything. I remember when Caleb was about a year old, I started accepting the fact that I would never be any smaller. (That frustrates me beyond measure! I let myself just give up.) 

I began purging clothes. I got rid of my smaller clothes. When I got to my jean pile, I saw all of my size 12 jeans from before I met Ryan. I spent a ton of money on jeans back in the day, y'all! I just couldn't seem to put those jeans into the giveaway pile. I folded them back up and put them in storage. 

Over a year later, I started losing weight and those "dream" jeans became my goal. I thought, "If I can just fit back into all of my expensive jeans that make my entirely too big booty look great, then I'll be thrilled!" All of that became my "goal". I knew that I needed to lose about 60 pounds to fit back into those clothes. 

When I reached 60 pounds, I didn't stay there long. I developed a new goal and just kept going. I literally wore my size 12's for about two months. This time I was on the flip side of things! For some dang reason I can't seem to stay there, but I wasn't disappointed! 

I really started dropping clothing sizes when I started Zumba® classes. I toned so much better. Fortunately for me, I had a buddy who did the exact same thing! She was dropping sizes and my new size was her old size. Guess who inherited all of her awesome smaller clothes?!? 

Right now, I wear size 8's comfortably with some 6's. I wear a medium shirt, but I can wear some small depending on the brand and style. 

  • When you drop a size, donate all of your clothes that size. It keeps you from having a safety net to fall back on. 
  • Host a clothing swap with your friends! This is a great way to find new stuff and get sizes that fit better along the way. 
  • Start with a neutral palate and add accessories. You can buy simple items that will get you by until you reach your goal. 
  • Don't be shocked if your shoe size changes too. I went from 8.5 to 8 and some 7.5's. 

I am comfortable at the size I am now. I haven't really determined if I am at my goal or not yet. I feel like if I focus more on being healthy, the rest will fall into place. If I'm meant to be a healthy 8, I'm good with that. 


  1. I have always worn clothes with Right now I am still in the same clothes I wore 70 pound ago. I have just started this challenge to lose 10% of my body weight, and I have told myself that after that I am going to buy new clothes. This time I will buy clothes that aren't all Love your post and your progress. You look great!!!

  2. When I was losing weight the first time, I did quite a bit of shopping at thrift stores. Because weight changes for so many people, and many people do purge clothing, too big or too small, there is often a ton of good quality clothes for inexpensive prices. It's a good compromise on the way down, when you need something that fits, but you aren't yet at the size you are hoping to stay at. :)

  3. Thank you for answering my question. I agree once you are no longer a larger size to get the bigger clothes out of your closet. Right now I am doing "The Fast Metabolism Diet" that I read about on your blog. Only on day six and already lost five pounds. Even better I am a type 2 diabetic and my sugar this morning was 99. An extra benefit of the diet. I know if I keep eating this healthy way my doctor can again take me off my medication. I still have forty more pounds to lose and this time I am going to reach my goal. Your blog really inspires me to stay on track. Thank you for all your great suggestions and encouragement.

  4. Thank you for saying what you did about shoe size! I've lost 77 pounds so far, and my shoes DO feel different. Everything does!

    I buy ALL my clothes on ebay and a nice thrift store near me. I buy two pairs of pants in a size and enough tops to enjoy the variety. And then when they no longer fit, I take them back to the consignment shop and resell them. I do not keep clothing too large for me. No way. : )



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