Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Boat Day

I think I've mentioned before that my "real" job is beyond fabulous. I literally get to see the lake every day and I help people have fun. It truly doesn't get any better than that! My work family is very close and I actually get to work with the majority of my real family. 

We had a customer appreciation day and brought out our favorite Tracker boats. 

Before our customers came out, we had plenty of pictures with everyone and the boats. 

My sweet mama came out to help us cook everything! 

Tara and Zoey came out for a little while. I cannot believe my nephew will be here soon! This is baby month for us since Tara is soooo close. I cannot wait to hold that sweet baby boy! 

Zoey is my favorite girl in the whole world! When there's no one else dancing, that child will always dance with me. 

As usual, I'm the one messin' with the camera...

My dad had a great idea... We turned one of our fishing boats into a cooler. It was too cute! 

We had enough food to feed an army....

We got to spend time with our customers out on these fabulous Tracker boats. It really didn't feel like we were "working". 

After everyone left, we took Zoey out for a ride. She loved it! 

Caleb spent the weekend with his other grandparents. He had a ball game and did really well. We missed him like crazy though! 


  1. Hi Wendy, looks like you had a fabulous weekend and some amazing weather. That dress is super cute..where'd you find it? I doubt I will find it here in Canada but it's really lovely!


    1. I found it at Old Navy. It's so comfy!

    2. Thanks Wendy, I`ll take a look there this weekend!

  2. I'm with Jen MH - that dress is adorable!!

  3. u look awesome!!! that looks so fun!!!

  4. love the dress! Glad the weather cooperated with you, looks like you had a wonderful time :)



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