Thursday, May 15, 2014

Monster Fish

Before Caleb was born it was predetermined that he would be the little sportsman in the family. No son of mine would be raised without fishing and hunting. 

Last Mother's Day I took him trout fishing and helped him catch his first limit of trout. I've spent so many hours helping him fish and he's truly caught the fever for it. 

This Mother's Day weekend pretty much topped last year's... Ryan and Caleb went to Tellico for a boy's weekend and planned to let me sleep in on Saturday. 

I was so excited to finally get the bed all to myself and catch up on some much needed rest....

9:00 am : My phone rings and I get a very excited granddaddy! I'm still trying to wake up and all I hear is "Your son got a wall hanger!!!!" 

I just wasn't following him..... My dad proceeds to tell me that Caleb caught a 3 pound, 2 ounce monster trout that morning. At first, I thought he was messing with me. He told me the fish was 20 inches long and he was getting it mounted for Caleb to hang on his wall. 

It finally sinks in that my four year old little boy caught a trophy trout! 

My dad spent years fishing that Tellico River before he got his. 


Caleb was so excited! 

I love it! 


  1. It looks like that fish gets heavier with each picture taken, his expressions crack me up! Way to go Caleb!!! And BTW, you have your daddys smile :)

  2. Great job, Caleb!! And I love the picture of him with his proud grandpa! :-) Their smiles say it all!



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