Monday, May 12, 2014

Motivation Monday

Good Monday morning, y'all! I have some fabulous news to share with you this morning to get this link up started right!!!

As of today, I have lost 86.1 pounds! Um, wow!!!! I am still in shock.... But I totally love it! 

I've also got another little update....

See these pants?

I was trying on lots of clothes Saturday to see what fit. I threw them on without looking at them. After I took them off and laid them in the "keep" pile, I glanced at the waist band....

Yep.... That's a 4. Um, what?!?!?! Cue me freaking out!
They totally fit comfortably... 

So....What are you celebrating today?


  1. You were beautiful before and you are beautiful now. :) (just skimmed your before-after pics) I am amazed that you don't seem to have any saggy areas though. Do you and they are just hidden? Your amazing, and you look amazing!

  2. Ahh congrats! What an awesome milestone!



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