Monday, June 30, 2014

Motivation Monday #linkup #weightloss

 I get excited over pictures, y'all! 

(Honestly, you couldn't tell???) 

I'm in the final push to see my 100 pound weight loss goal. I'm doing everything I absolutely can to stay motivated and pumped up. So far, it's working!

If you'd like to follow my weight loss updates on My Fitness Pal, you can find me as mrsdelsignore. 

I'm in that stage that I can finally see progress I'm happy with. I really like how my body is toning up and slimming down. Finally! 

How's your Monday going? Link it up! Let's see your progress!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Workin' Weekend

This weekend was our project weekend. You know the ones....You've gotta get caught up on all the things that you've been kinda slacking on? Yep... One of those. 

Caleb and I were so ready for the weekend! He always asks if it's a "You and Me" day (my off day from work). 

I had some requests last week about those jalapeno hamburgers. They were soooo fabulous! They weren't overly spicy once they were cooked, just had really good flavor. We literally just added a few spoonfulls of diced jalapenos to our hamburger meat before making them into patties. Just kinda eyeball it and adjust to how you like it. 

Friday night we visited with Caleb's great-grandpa. They enjoy each other's company so much. It's really sweet when they spend one on one time together. 

Caleb discovered his love of marking his mama with highlighters. The only problem? I'm literally one handed right now after surgery and I couldn't steal it away or stop him very well. He obviously thought this was hilarious...

I've been working on toning and only have 11 pounds to go until goal weight! So stinkin' excited! One of my problem areas is my tummy after having the c-section. It is finally starting to go away! I'm pretty sure it'll be gone in about 11 pounds or so....

Ryan removed the wall of railroad ties lining our driveway on Saturday. He had to grate the side back and plant grass seed. It already looks a million times better! 

This little guy got stung by a wasp in the process. I'm not even kidding, he cried maybe two minutes and was over it. He's way tougher than his mama. It's the honest truth. 

We worked extra hard and got a lot done around the house. This morning I actually woke up, showered, and was ready for the day before he ever got out of bed. That never happens! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Confess

I confess......

  • I've got so many things to blog about, but the inspiration for the right words hasn't hit just yet. I'm a jumbled mess with my words right now. Sometimes it takes just the right thing to grab my heart and make it write. It's not really grabbing right now....
I write.
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  • Life in general has been chaotic. I haven't really sat still long enough at work, home or anywhere else for very long. My brain is operating the exact same way my life is....
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  • I don't feel very inspirational lately. Some days it just feels like I'm doing the exact same thing I've been doing for months (Oh, yeah....Maybe because I am). I wish there was some secret to weight loss I could tell you about every week. But that's not happening. It's just putting in the effort and hard work every single day. So, that's just what I'm doing....

  • Teaching Zumba® classes is absolutely my passion right now. Now that some of the ladies are getting used to me, they're really picking up on my songs. There's no better feeling that watching all of them follow along....

  • My first couple of classes, I was an absolute wreck beforehand. My nerves were shot and I was so very thankful that my best friend sent these awesome texts to give me a little extra confidence to get through. Thankfully, I did and the kick-butt texts are no longer required....

  • I taught my very first solo class a couple of weeks ago. It left me with this huge adrenaline rush and I honestly had the best time....

  • I'm a terribly shy person when you first meet me, but once I'm comfortable around you I do not shut up....ever. (My kid gets that from me, but he's not shy.) 
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  • I'm starting to notice so many people around me losing weight and caring for themselves. I find that incredibly inspiring and so awesome! I always get so dang happy every time I hear someone's success. I remember a time when I despised hearing it because I chose not to put in the effort and work myself....

  • I cannot wait to reach my goal weight...I have all of these grand plans when I do. I need new clothes like seriously bad. All of my jeans but one pair are literally hanging off my waist and sagging at my booty. No good, y'all, no good. But I'm so dang stubborn I refuse to buy any more clothes until goal weight. That's just how it's going to be. Really stubborn...

  • I've developed this renewed sense of motivation this week and it is just fabulous! I really needed the kick to push on...After gaining weight after the surgery, it was just what I needed....

  • My hair is getting super long now and I have this love/hate relationship with it. Most of the time, we're cool. Then sometimes it gets on my everlovin' nerves. Having to "do" something with it every day gets old sometimes. Most of the time it is worth it though....

  • I used to have really long hair as a kid, like past my booty. I eventually hated it and chopped it off in middle school. I refused to grow it much past my shoulders until now. This is actually a huge thing for me....lots of patience. 

  • Right before I turned thirty, I found my first grey hair. I'm really struggling with that and I lost it! I blame it on my kid.... 

  • I've noticed some of my favorite weight loss/fitness bloggers are slowly dropping off. That makes me sad because I assume some are struggling in their journey. I keep wondering if that will be me one day... Scary thoughts....

  • My kid is telling certain family members that his mom and dad are planning to have another baby. If my child happens to tell you this, please know he is a fabulous liar. Yes, I know he sounds very believable sometimes, but he is just plain wrong.... 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fast Metabolism Diet Master Lists

After my surgery I retained a lot of water and was just all kinds of icky. I gained 14 pounds by last Monday. Unreal, right?!? Between the medicines and not being able to go to Zumba for a week and a half, I was a little panicky. 

Three days ago, I buckled down. No more pain meds and I restarted the Fast Metabolism Diet. I had veered away from it, but I knew deep down this worked well for me. As of this morning, I am back down to my pre-surgery weight. 

So, we are pushing forward. 

I have eleven pounds to lose to reach my goal of 100 pounds lost. 

I pretty much plan to remain on the Fast Metabolism Diet until I reach my goal. I don't really think it will take long at all. I had slacked off quite a bit in the past few weeks. I splurged on all kinds of food, but didn't really gain until I had surgery and it slowed me down. I'm pretty sure that Zumba will keep me at a maintenance level once I reach my goal. 

I shared the basic list for eating on the Fast Metabolism Diet a while back, but I found a bigger list and it has helped me so much more! I thought I'd share it with you today... 

Image Via

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I'm actually in love with these lists! I just can't see how you can get bored with so many options!

For dinner one night, we took lean ground beef, added some diced jalapenos and cooked them on our charcoal grill. So very amazing! 

It seems like Phase Two is normally the hardest days for everyone around here. I actually don't mind them. I'm not a huge carb lover anymore and that has helped me stick with Phase Two better. It really just comes with time. There's no secret to it. I was in serious love with pasta and bread most of my life. Once I got them out of my system, the cravings slowly went away. From time to time I will enjoy them but I don't depend on them in my diet anymore. It's actually pretty freeing on this side of things now. I never imagined I could live without them, but now I really don't miss them at all. Just do it slowly and give it time. It will happen. This is a lifestyle change and it is a process. 

Mamma Chia #giveaway

Mamma Chia is a Certified B Corporation, meaning that it meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
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Mamma Chia Blackberry Hibiscus Vitality Beverage

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  • Hibiscus extract,
  • Fruit and vegetable juice for color,
  • Citric acid.

Mamma Chia Green Magic Squeeze Vitality Snack

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Mamma Chia Apple Cinnamon Squeeze Vitality Snack

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Vitality Beverage

The Mamma Chia organic beverages come in lovely curvy bottles with beautiful labels. The naturally colored juice drinks with Chia seeds floating in them are a beautiful sight. Here is the full line-up of Mamma Chia juices:
Mamma Chia Organic Vitality Beverages
Mamma Chia Organic Vitality Beverages, Photo Credit: Mamma Chia

Squeeze Vitality Snack

The Mamma Chia Vitality Snacks come in squeezable pouches with twist-off lids. The packaging makes them look like they are children’s snacks, but these fruit, vegetable, and chia seed combos are intended for all ages. The snack packs come in four flavors: Strawberry Banana, Green Magic, Apple Cinnamon, and Blackberry Bliss.
Mamma Chia Organic Squeeze Vitality Snacks
Mamma Chia Organic Squeeze Vitality Snacks, Photo Credit: Mamma Chia


Mamma Chia Organic Beverage

Enjoy increased vitality with the Magic of Chia! A fun and refreshing drinking experience with powerful nutrients that naturally provide energy and strength to power your soul’s purpose.

Mamma Chia Squeeze Snack

Our organic chia seeds are infused with delicious fruits and vegetables to create a convenient, fun and tasty snack for active people of all ages.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds were a staple in the diets of the Aztecs and Mayans and known for their ability to increase stamina and energy over long periods of time.1
Chia seeds are a wonderful source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), especially for those looking for a vegan source. We all need to consume these necessary fatty acids, since our bodies are not able to produce them. EFAs “support heart health and beautiful skin, hair and nails."
The chia beverages contain 6g of dietary fiber, 4g of protein, 2500 mg Omega-3 fatty acids, 965 mg Omega-6, and 365 mg Omega-9. The chia snacks contain 4g of dietary fiber, 2g of protein, 1200 mg Omega-3, 500 mg Omega-6, and 210 mg Omega-9.
For contrast, Kirkland Signature Natural Omega-3 fish oil softgels, at the recommended daily dose of three gels per day, provide 900 mg of Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids. So drinking a Mamma Chia Organic Beverage or eating a Mamma Chia Organic Snack would provide more Omega-3 fatty acids than taking the Kirkland fish oil supplement.
The high fiber content in chia seed makes them great for cleaning out your colon.
My Thoughts???

I've read so much about chia seeds on health blogs lately. I just never got around to trying them. Mamma Chia and FitFluential sent me both the organic black and organic white chia seeds. I tried them first in my smoothies and loved them!!! I noticed that I had to remind myself to snack later on in the morning because they kept me fuller longer. 

I packed on some pounds right after my surgery last week. I added the chia seeds to my diet to hopefully help me get back on track.... and it definitely did! I added them to my oatmeal, soups, and salsa. It was an easy way to sneak in a little extra nutrition. 

I also received the Chia Squeezes. I only tried two before Caleb took over and ate the rest! He loved them and I was happy knowing it was a healthier snack choice for him. They have a great consistency and taste for on-the-go snacking. 

I also tried the Coconut Mango Vitality drink. It was sooo good! We took some out on the boat one weekend and it was like tasting a tropical beachy drink. It was refreshing on a hot summer day and it's much healthier than a coke. 

Wanna know something exciting? I actually get to giveaway some of their amazing products!!!

The winner receives:

·         One week’s supply of Mamma Chia products - 7 Chia Squeezes (varied flavors) and 7 beverage vouchers
·         One copy of Janie’s book – Chia Vitality
·         One Mamma Chia T-Shirt
·         Total retail value: $75

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Surgery and After

This hand has given me plenty of trouble lately.... 

This past Friday I had surgery to remove a cyst caused my a small tear inside of my hand. They fixed that part too. 

I decided to not be put under completely and had a block on my arm so I couldn't feel anything. Shoulder down....nothing. They also gave me some medicine to make me feel pretty chilled out along the way...

Once the medicine wore off, I realized my whole arm looked pitiful! 

I was feeling no pain for the majority of Friday. 

Saturday was a totally different story! Ryan and Caleb stepped up to help me a lot. Poor Ryan has fixed my hair every single day. The first day was pretty sad, but he's gotten better!

We even got my hair up once...

Caleb spends his time supervising and telling Daddy how to do it...

I'm just fully aggravated at this point. You don't really notice how nice it is to be able to use both hands until you can't. I am officially over it!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivation Monday #weightloss #linkup

Please excuse me for a few days! I had surgery on my hand, so typing is a little challenging! 

Go ahead and link up your awesome posts this week and hop around to everyone else!

Dear Fat, Prepare To Die Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter
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Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Time

So.... I've been slacking. I decided today that it's time to buckle down and lose these remaining 11 pounds. I've been content for a while with my progress, but I've decided it's time to push forward. 

I'm ready to finally say I've reached my ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds. 

Emotionally I've had a lot to process lately. I've maintained my weight in the meantime, but I realize now that I don't think I'll really consider this finished until I reach my last goal. 

Hang in here.... Things are changing....

What are your weight loss goals? |
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Caleb is blessed with an amazing daddy. The older Caleb gets, the more of Ryan I see in him. I've watched Ryan work hard each and every day for the three of us. He goes along with my crazy ideas and I know that's not always easy. And he normally puts up with both mine and Caleb's shenanigans! (That's saying a lot!)

They are so funny together.... Ryan gets Caleb laughing and Caleb makes Ryan laugh. It's just a continuous cycle and I get to sit back and watch their relationship grow. They're both stubborn and strong willed. They clash sometimes, but they are so alike it's pitiful! 

We got to spend time with my in-laws and swim on Sunday. It was just what we needed! I think sometimes Ryan and I act like kids almost as much as Caleb does. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation Monday #linkup #motivationmonday #weightloss #fitness

It's link up time!!!! How was the weekend? I think most people struggle with sticking to their goals on the weekends. Honestly, we are creatures of habit. If we can stick to a schedule, it's so much easier to focus on our goals. 

I normally cheat more on the weekends, but I don't go overboard. Over time and with lots of practice, the healthier choices on the weekend just become habit. 

Before I started losing weight, I would do really well through the week and then go all out on the weekends. Guess what? That really does not work at all. A typical weekend then was lots of eating out and ordered high calories drinks with alcohol. Bring on the snack foods and focus on eating!

Now? We make healthier snack options. My family loves veggie and fruit trays. We still snack, but it's on better things. The alcohol? I don't need it! Once I drink any of it, I retain water like crazy... Then I feel yucky and it's just not worth it! My body seriously pays for it each and every time. 

Deli fruit and veggie tray ideas  Middle picture--slice fruit thinly but keep intact on tray.
Image Via

How do you stick with it on the weekends? What helps? 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Water Baby

We had a lazy Saturday on the boat. Caleb wakes up at the crack of dawn every Saturday and immediately pesters us about going out on the boat. I never sleep in....ever. 

I braved Saturday with no makeup.... at all. Slowly getting more comfortable with that....

And I cut my latest workout shirt.... I love how it turned out. It also serves as a great swimsuit cover up. I found a guy's medium shirt and it worked perfectly. 

We took a long boat ride to end the evening. It was so pretty! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Low Fat, Low Calorie Berry Trifle

I've got a really pretty, super simple, not gonna sideline your weight loss efforts dessert. 

We've got plenty of summer holidays to celebrate and parties without dessert are just no fun! 
But I absolutely hate working my booty off all week to kill those efforts on the weekend. 

You can easily make this trifle for your next party! 

Angel food cake and light whipped cream are both low in fat. Combine that with some fruit and you've got a lighter dessert that you can honestly enjoy. 

I cut my angel food cake into small cubes and layered it with the whipped cream and berries. 

One serving? 

159 calories.... 

Serves 20 people. 


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