Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Caleb is blessed with an amazing daddy. The older Caleb gets, the more of Ryan I see in him. I've watched Ryan work hard each and every day for the three of us. He goes along with my crazy ideas and I know that's not always easy. And he normally puts up with both mine and Caleb's shenanigans! (That's saying a lot!)

They are so funny together.... Ryan gets Caleb laughing and Caleb makes Ryan laugh. It's just a continuous cycle and I get to sit back and watch their relationship grow. They're both stubborn and strong willed. They clash sometimes, but they are so alike it's pitiful! 

We got to spend time with my in-laws and swim on Sunday. It was just what we needed! I think sometimes Ryan and I act like kids almost as much as Caleb does. 

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