Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Time

So.... I've been slacking. I decided today that it's time to buckle down and lose these remaining 11 pounds. I've been content for a while with my progress, but I've decided it's time to push forward. 

I'm ready to finally say I've reached my ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds. 

Emotionally I've had a lot to process lately. I've maintained my weight in the meantime, but I realize now that I don't think I'll really consider this finished until I reach my last goal. 

Hang in here.... Things are changing....

What are your weight loss goals? |
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  1. Aaaah! You're such an inspiration! Go girl!

  2. 11 more don't look like you need to lose any more pounds...but if that's your goal good luck with it :)



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