Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lake Day

Saturday morning, I got up super early and rushed down to the boat to have a cup of coffee with this view: 

It was so quiet and peaceful. No one else was around....
I spent time on Pinterest and life was good! 

Caleb decided to go fishing (big surprise...). 

And he only caught one....

As the sun started shining, we decided it was time for a boat ride. 

My view for the afternoon was just as pretty! 

Caleb has always been a water baby. This year he's been exceptionally fearless. We had him jumping off the side of the boat by mid-afternoon. 

I seriously got some sun! It felt amazing...
I think one of the most rewarding things about losing weight is actually having fun without feeling self conscious all of the time. Sure I still struggle with the whole chubby girl mentality, but it is so much easier now. I just get to get in my swim suit, jump off that boat, and not worry about what's jiggling. 

Caleb crashed pretty hard and power napped before going to his grandparents. 

I had my first official captain's job on Saturday evening. I got to bring a groom and seven of his guys to the island at work for his wedding. 

The wind kicked up, but thankfully everything went super smooth! I was relieved! 

(I totally didn't tell anyone in advance just in case things didn't go as planned...)

Now all the guys at work can stop laughing at me for not using my license. 
I can in fact drive boats....when I choose to. I prefer to be chauffeured around.  



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