Monday, June 30, 2014

Motivation Monday #linkup #weightloss

 I get excited over pictures, y'all! 

(Honestly, you couldn't tell???) 

I'm in the final push to see my 100 pound weight loss goal. I'm doing everything I absolutely can to stay motivated and pumped up. So far, it's working!

If you'd like to follow my weight loss updates on My Fitness Pal, you can find me as mrsdelsignore. 

I'm in that stage that I can finally see progress I'm happy with. I really like how my body is toning up and slimming down. Finally! 

How's your Monday going? Link it up! Let's see your progress!!!!


  1. That is truly amazing -the transformation. So proud of you and for you :) I wish the pictures could truly show all the hard work and dedication you have a on a daily basis to reach that goal. I know they tell a lot. Anyway I will stop rambling :)


  2. That's amazing! 100lbs (almost) is incredible. You like like a completely different person.

  3. You have really inspired me to do more exercise! Thanks for the post! I am so lazy and i do not want that any more.Hope that this is going to work for me.Great job!

  4. Fantastic, you look great!! What a motivational story you have :)



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