Monday, June 16, 2014

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It's link up time!!!! How was the weekend? I think most people struggle with sticking to their goals on the weekends. Honestly, we are creatures of habit. If we can stick to a schedule, it's so much easier to focus on our goals. 

I normally cheat more on the weekends, but I don't go overboard. Over time and with lots of practice, the healthier choices on the weekend just become habit. 

Before I started losing weight, I would do really well through the week and then go all out on the weekends. Guess what? That really does not work at all. A typical weekend then was lots of eating out and ordered high calories drinks with alcohol. Bring on the snack foods and focus on eating!

Now? We make healthier snack options. My family loves veggie and fruit trays. We still snack, but it's on better things. The alcohol? I don't need it! Once I drink any of it, I retain water like crazy... Then I feel yucky and it's just not worth it! My body seriously pays for it each and every time. 

Deli fruit and veggie tray ideas  Middle picture--slice fruit thinly but keep intact on tray.
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How do you stick with it on the weekends? What helps? 


  1. This is great! I often have trouble on the weekends as well, whether its struggling with cheats or maybe not getting in enough food- which was my problem this weekend. I definitely want to start linking up on this post! Love it!

  2. My weekends start with long workouts...both days I have early morning intense workouts planned that's what keeps me from eating or drinking too unhealthy...because if I do it effects my workout the next day which I hate

  3. I agree, I can't overindulge and treat myself on the weekends and expect to keep the weight just doesn't work for me!

  4. Yeah, weekends have always been hard for me too. Like you mentioned I had many months where I did pretty good during the week, but then on the weekends I would mess it all up. I really am finding that I love healthier foods now. I like the idea of keeping fruit and veggie trays on hand.



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