Monday, June 9, 2014

Motivation Monday #Linkup

It's Monday, y'all! 

We had a fabulous weekend and I still managed to lose a little more weight. I'm officially at 89 pounds gone! I kinda feel like I could really buckle down and lose those last eleven pounds pretty easily. But then again, it's summer and we stay super busy. I'm in one of those cycles where I honestly don't care if I'm losing anything. It kinda comes and goes. As long as I don't start gaining, I'm completely okay with that. 

I think my motivation may return when I hit that 90 pound mark. So....we'll see. 

diet motivation
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  1. Wow you are SO close to 90 lbs! how crazy!!! you're awesome!

  2. You are doing so awesome!!! I love your mentality about the last few pounds. Even though I have a lot more weight to lose, I am still trying to balance out staying focused and living my life. I think that is the key between dieting and really making a lifestyle change. Thanks for the great post to start out my Monday:)



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