Saturday, June 7, 2014

Part Of Me

Let's talk stretch marks....

I've gotten so many questions about mine. So....I'm baring it all for you today. I don't mind....They're mine and they tell my story.

I once was so bothered by them. They screamed "Fat.....Failure....Ugly....." at me constantly. I hid them and covered them. I refused to show anyone...even my husband.

Today, I embrace them. Those stretch marks define me. They are just a part of me. 

I had a child....I carried him for 37 weeks. They are proof that I had a beautiful, healthy little boy. I was severely obese, but I beat it. They are proof every single day that I was so sad....lost....depressed....hurt....damaged.....but I did away with it. They are proof every single day that I am stronger than that. I don't have to just accept and settle for things. They are proof that I can work hard and change things. They are proof that I do have some control of my life.

They are there. They are beautiful to me because they remind me of so much. Getting completely rid of them would be like showing it never happened. I don't want that. Mine are barely there and being out in the sun has helped them a lot. But I refuse to cover them and hide them. I earned them. 

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  1. Good for you! I am fighting some flabbiness in my arms...a little pox-mark (think oranges skin) on my forearms, but SHIT, I'm almost 63, I've lost over 80 lbs. since 2009 (70 in the past 1.5 years)...what's one to expect? I can't look like 30 anymore. I am who I am, and like you said, I EARNED these little imperfections. If anyone (myself, the most) judges me over them...well hell with them.

    We can certainly be our own worst enemies when it comes to this, can't we? Kudos to you for moving past, and TRULY motivational for me to do the same!



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