Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I have to vent today.... Normally, that's just not me. 

I have so many people approach me about my weight loss. I get questions nearly every day about what I'm doing to lose the weight. I absolutely love sharing what I do and how I live! I feel like this was placed on my heart very early on and I'm not shy about it! 

But for the love of everything....If you approach me to brag about starving yourself to see results, I am going to be disappointed. I will strongly disagree with you. I will not support your decision to deprive your body of things you absolutely need to survive. 

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I spoke with someone who bragged to me about their weight loss. As we continued talking and sharing our stories, they admitted to their diet of 300 calories per day. 

I'm sorry.....I eat more than that in a whole meal....multiple times a day. 

Anything below 1200 calories is starvation for a woman. I was actually speaking to a male. 

If you are starving yourself to lose weight, please consider this: If you reach your weight loss goals, what happens next? Can you really see yourself living that way for the rest of your life? If not, what do you think is going to happen when you begin eating food again? 

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I am living proof that you do not have to go to extremes and starve to lose a considerable amount of weight. If you put your body into starvation mode, you can suffer the consequences of that for up to one year. 

It doesn't have to be this way. I promise! Whole foods....Workout....Take Care of Your Body. That's it. There's no secret. 


  1. Great post - I was just trying to explain this to my husband who is trying to lose weight by not eating a lot- I wanted to shake him, interesting that the person you were speaking to was a male too!! Not-processed and exercise, that's it :) Thanks for this post!!

  2. Funny, my husband is like Taylor's - he once lost tons of weight by barely eating anything for months and he normally is a pretty intelligent guy! And of course he put it all back on again because that way of living is not sustainable. I have to admit that getting him into a healthier eating routine is not so easy, he is American and very hooked on his high carb, high fat and big portions diet. And when he was dieting he would prefer a calorie counted ready meal to something that I prepared freshly. But he is slowly coming around the idea that we need to change the way we live and he is also more willing to try more of the "rabbit food" stuff, i.e. healthy greens etc. For me portion control is still a big challenge, I can easily binge on healthy foods, too. But I love your philosophy and really, that's the only way to establish a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Your story is very inspiring.

  3. Great post's so true and a great reminder!

  4. I just like to eat too much! I TRY to stay around 2000 calories a day (and as I am not making the best food choices, that is a challenge).

  5. Agree so much! Any if you learn to eat healthy it's a lifestyle change :)
    Kallie - But First, Coffee



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