Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Surgery and After

This hand has given me plenty of trouble lately.... 

This past Friday I had surgery to remove a cyst caused my a small tear inside of my hand. They fixed that part too. 

I decided to not be put under completely and had a block on my arm so I couldn't feel anything. Shoulder down....nothing. They also gave me some medicine to make me feel pretty chilled out along the way...

Once the medicine wore off, I realized my whole arm looked pitiful! 

I was feeling no pain for the majority of Friday. 

Saturday was a totally different story! Ryan and Caleb stepped up to help me a lot. Poor Ryan has fixed my hair every single day. The first day was pretty sad, but he's gotten better!

We even got my hair up once...

Caleb spends his time supervising and telling Daddy how to do it...

I'm just fully aggravated at this point. You don't really notice how nice it is to be able to use both hands until you can't. I am officially over it!


  1. How sweet! I love these pictures of your hubby doing your hair! Hope your hand heals quickly, I had hand surgery in my teens and know how annoying it is to only have one hand!

  2. He deserves husband of the year award! :)

  3. girl that is so cute of ur hubby!!! i would totally get mine to do it too LOL!! I hope you feel better, Im sure that is NO fun!!

  4. Been there! I had a cyst removed from my left wrist a few years back, and it's luckily been 100% better since then. But the recovery period is hard-- you're lucky to have such sweet guys to keep you looking for put together :) Me, on the other hand, I flew solo post-surgery and had fingers that swelled up like bratwursts... hah!

  5. Hope your hand heals all the's very sweet of Ryan to do your hair :) so it

  6. Ouch! Hope your hand heals quickly and you can get back to your regular routine. Looks like your family is taking good care of you. :)

  7. I hope your hand heals quickly! :)



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