Sunday, June 29, 2014

Workin' Weekend

This weekend was our project weekend. You know the ones....You've gotta get caught up on all the things that you've been kinda slacking on? Yep... One of those. 

Caleb and I were so ready for the weekend! He always asks if it's a "You and Me" day (my off day from work). 

I had some requests last week about those jalapeno hamburgers. They were soooo fabulous! They weren't overly spicy once they were cooked, just had really good flavor. We literally just added a few spoonfulls of diced jalapenos to our hamburger meat before making them into patties. Just kinda eyeball it and adjust to how you like it. 

Friday night we visited with Caleb's great-grandpa. They enjoy each other's company so much. It's really sweet when they spend one on one time together. 

Caleb discovered his love of marking his mama with highlighters. The only problem? I'm literally one handed right now after surgery and I couldn't steal it away or stop him very well. He obviously thought this was hilarious...

I've been working on toning and only have 11 pounds to go until goal weight! So stinkin' excited! One of my problem areas is my tummy after having the c-section. It is finally starting to go away! I'm pretty sure it'll be gone in about 11 pounds or so....

Ryan removed the wall of railroad ties lining our driveway on Saturday. He had to grate the side back and plant grass seed. It already looks a million times better! 

This little guy got stung by a wasp in the process. I'm not even kidding, he cried maybe two minutes and was over it. He's way tougher than his mama. It's the honest truth. 

We worked extra hard and got a lot done around the house. This morning I actually woke up, showered, and was ready for the day before he ever got out of bed. That never happens! 


  1. awww what a great weekend!!! burgers sounds great!!!



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