Thursday, July 10, 2014


I'm one of those people who will change my hair color on a whim. Drastic doesn't bother me at all because I figure if I don't like it, I can change it. 

I went a little extreme this time and it's growing on me. 

I've been itching to go blonde. It's something I've never tried and I was ready for a change. Since I refuse to cut my hair now, I had to try it. 

My natural color is a darker brown with reddish highlights. 

Ryan actually helped me pull it off. I think he was fairly scared of what I was doing, but he handled it very well. 

I admit I was a little nervous too! 

Madison and I painted our nails while we waited and it was a nice distraction from having to sit still. We went kinda wild on our nails too! 

And I was happy with it! 

1 comment:

  1. Your hair looks great Wendy! I have thought about dying mine as well. I have only ever put blonde highlights in it, but I am ready for a change of some kind too. I have thought about cutting it and donating to Locks of Love at least once. However, it has taken a long time to grow it out and it's pretty. Lol. Decisons, decisions.



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