Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Four Wheelin'

Last week, Ryan and I were given a small four wheeler for Caleb. That child has been begging for a "real" four wheeler for over a year. We've always had plans to get him one, but we were waiting for Christmas or his birthday. 

One of our friends gave us this 50cc four wheeler and Caleb was so excited! My dad, my brother, and my husband are motorcycle/four wheeler fanatics. In all honesty, they make me nervous. I also know that Caleb's love of motorized toys is inevitable. I've always known it was just a matter of time before he had one. 

After cleaning the carb and messing with it a bit, Ryan got it running! 

(I'm not really sure who the bigger kid is at this point....)

There's a small screw that turns the four wheeler down really low. We can adjust the speed so that we can even walk beside it as he rides. And yes, he has a helmet that he has to wear. We took it off for the sake of some pictures! 

Ryan took the screw out so I could try it out. That thing actually flies! 

I can remember the very last time I was on a four wheeler. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and my brother decided to go riding on some trails. I rode with Ryan, but I made him promise not to flip me before I ever climbed on. Not more than thirty minutes into it, we were all riding through mud and I got flipped. My brother launches off his four wheeler, grabs me out from under the four wheeler and held me up to make sure I was okay.

And that is when I refused to ride on anything motorized with my husband again.... 

He wonders why I won't ride a motorcycle with him....Seriously.

I'm sure Caleb is absolutely going to love this! In the meantime, this overprotective mama is totally making him take it slow! 

And yes, we can both fit on this thing comfortably! 

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