Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kiss, Kiss!

No trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without stopping at Bass Pro Shop on the way. I could spend hours there.... and we always have to check out everything. I totally need a huge shopping budget for that place.... Sigh! 

I even found the only way I would actually tent camp.... I loved this set up. I need a mattress and cot off the ground before I ever consider sleeping in a tent. My parents forced us to tent camp growing up and all I can remember from the trips was getting rained and stormed on. Not my idea of very much fun. 

(Thank goodness we own a camper....)

So.... my biggest thing is seeing how many crazy things I can take a picture of. Remember how a couple of weeks ago Ryan thought I was nuts for posing with a moose? I totally drug his kids into it this time.... There's no shame in kissing a dead moose....

They obviously thought I was hilarious.... 

And they totally tried to top me... Love it! 

My favorite part is seeing what they come up with. It never gets old and I swear it keeps me feeling a whole lot younger than 30. 

In Ryan's defense, he definitely got a lot more awesome in my eyes this weekend. He picked us out pairs of Browning Tervis tumblers! It was completely his idea! 

So, why is this awesome???
When Ryan and I started dating he was kinda a punk (actually more than kinda). Imagine my parents' worst nightmare: Rap loving, earring wearing, pants hanging off his rear end, big party lovin' guy..... 

Yep, they just loved it. 

Good, rule following, country music lovin', level headed girl.....

Y'all, I am slowly converting that sweet man! There is progress. 
He now owns a cowboy hat, better fitting clothes, enjoys fishing and hunting, self proclaimed lover of country music (he listens to it all the time now), and no piercings whatsoever. He's finally discovering and embracing his true self. He just needed me to show him the way! Ha! 

(In all honesty, Ryan has grown into a wonderful man since we got married nearly six years ago. I give him a hard time, but I've never been more proud in my entire life of someone.)

So, seriously.... he dreams of the farm type life now... complete with gardens, chickens, and cows. I never in my life imagined that we'd dream of a life like that together. He walks through the house singing to Blake Shelton and George Straight and I fall head over heels in love with him every single time. 

Speaking of raising another good ol' country boy... 

Caleb's love is all things fishing and hunting. I am currently planning a room for him so that we can hang his mounted rainbow trout and hopefully some deer in his near future! That little boy is so me. We love cowboy hats, boots, and jeans.... He's happiest in a pair of overalls and boots.... He loves being outside, boating, fishing, and getting dirty. He sings my favorite country songs and loves camo. If he has allowance money, it's spent on fishing stuff every single time. 

So, I am blessed with some pretty amazing guys in my life. I am thankful for the man Ryan is and the man Caleb will be. 


  1. My hubby is a reformed bad boy too. He makes a fantastic husband and father though! I am also so proud of how he has changed and become such an amazing man. I totally get you on that!

  2. LOVE Pigeon Forge! When I was growing up, we lived in Ky for 4 years and always vacationed in Pigeon Forge:) Looking forward to taking my family there in a few years:)



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