Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivation Monday #linkup: Mile 25

Welcome back to another Motivation Monday link up! 

As I get closer to the end of my weight loss efforts, it's sometimes difficult to remember how much progress I am still making. Sure, it's easy to compare now to the very beginning. That's always guaranteed to be drastic and motivating. Sometimes I lose track of the progress just in the last year. 

My dad and I attended our annual NRA banquet this weekend and it's always hosted around the same time each year. So that makes it pretty easy to compare my progress....

This week I bought a size six dress. It actually ended up being a little loose on top and I was left wondering if maybe a four would have been a little better. 

Last year at the NRA banquet, I wore a size medium shirt and a pair of size 12 pants. 

So in just one year of clean eating and Zumba® classes, I have gone from a comfortable size 12 to a very comfortable size 6 (some size 4's)! 

Losing a large amount of weight is kinda like running a marathon. It takes time and lots of dedication. Some days you're going to get this amazing runners high from pushing yourself a little bit farther. Other days, you're going to feel like you aren't improving. There are going to be days you just want to sprint to the finish, but you know building slowly will get you much better results. I'm in the last mile of my marathon and sometimes it's okay to look back and remember I'm still better than I was at mile 11, 15, or even 20. 

How's your progress this week? Link it up!


  1. Love the dress, you look great! I needed this post today big time. Thank you. Great reminder.

  2. Very motivational!

  3. Just wondering about are definitely a great role model for me, but I have an issue...I love to snack at night! What do you eat as snacks as a clean eater? Do you still count calories? Keep up the great work, you are a healthy model to follow!



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