Sunday, July 20, 2014

Slumber Party Night

Friday we kicked off our slumber party weekend that the kids planned out last week. Zoey was so excited to join in on the fun! 

Ryan and I got to snuggle up to Levi for just a moment. This is the first time Uncle Ryan has held Levi. He's so good with little kids and they are naturally drawn to him. It was so sweet to see him holding Levi finally!

We took the kids to the mall to play and get some of the energy out since we had a long rainy weekend. 

When we got home, it was PJ time! The kids launched a huge Nerf war. Caleb probably has enough to outfit a small army. 

Ryan and I sat back and listened to the chaos. It sounded like a herd of elephants ran through our house all weekend! 

These two didn't last long! They fell asleep watching cartoons in our room. 

We moved them to the couch and all the kids passed out in the living room. I thought, "Oh, how sweet! This is just awesome...." But I was absolutely wrong... 6:30 am on Saturday, all four kids were up and playing loudly. No one slept in! 

I started making waffles for the whole crew.... We set up a waffle bar with honey, syrup, agave nectar, and fruit salad for the kids. 

By about 10:30 Saturday morning, Zoey and Caleb passed back out. They wore themselves out!!! 

(I totally love my camo wearing, fall asleep with your toy rifle buddy...)

When Zoey went home, Ryan fired up the grill. He put on a movie for the kids and we grilled out together. It was so nice and quiet on the back porch! We just got to sit and talk about our week while the ham smoked on the grill. 

We went in on a 400 pound pig with my dad and some of our buddies. This ham is fantastic! And we saved a ton of money on it. 

We stay so busy during the summer months. It was nice to just relax with each other. When Ryan's kids are all together, we try to fit in so much while the oldest two are here. As all of them are getting a little older, I've noticed how much easier it is for all of us to live together these past few weeks. We're really going to miss them when they leave in a couple of weeks. 

Our ham turned out delicious! Ryan smoked it on a charcoal grill and then just trimmed the excess fat before eating it. 

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  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend. So glad the kids had fun! :)



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