Thursday, July 17, 2014

Water Babies

This summer has been full of sunshine and swimming for us. We've had some of the prettiest weekends. Caleb is most definitely a water baby, so it helps that we have plenty of opportunities to splash around. 

He has so enjoyed his older brother and sister being here for the summer. The three kids have been so funny and entertaining. We are constantly laughing at their shenanigans. Normally it's two plotting against one, but they sometimes all gang up on dad. 

This past weekend we went swimming at my in-laws'. We brought Zoey along too. It was kinda weird having four kids all at one time. I never thought I'd have that many all at once, but Ryan and I handled it pretty well! 

Sometimes I think my husband is the biggest kid in the bunch. 

We had a car load of kids! I love it! 
(Thank goodness for my SUV with third row seating...)

On the way home, the kids plotted and planned a slumber party this weekend. They have no idea that I've planned out a fun night for them!!!! 

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