Thursday, July 31, 2014

Your Questions.... Answered!

How tall are you? 

  • I am 5'5"

Do you still drink Shakeology?

  • I do not drink Shakeology regularly, but my husband does. He uses it post workout and likes it very well. His eating is horrible lately....lots of junk! Personally, I didn't think it helped me very much past the first month. I think it's great if you are not getting enough nutrients in your diet. I think it works well for people who have a lot to lose and are just starting out. It's also great if you drink it on the go for breakfast. It's quick and easy. I lost a few pounds while drinking it, but I don't think those few pounds are worth the cost of a month's supply. For some people, it is worth every penny. The chocolate tastes great and it definitely helps if you have a sweet tooth. But if you are already in the habit of eating clean and working out and are seeing results, I don't think you will see a huge change with it. 

What are you doing besides Zumba?
  • Nothing! I do two hours of Zumba twice week and that is it at this point. Beginning next week, things are changing. I am very curious to see how my body adapts to things. On Tuesdays, I will be assisting with 45 minutes of tap, 45 minutes of hip hop, and actually teaching my own Zumba® class after that. Then I will be co-teaching two hours of Zumba® class on Thursdays. Occasionally I will fill in on Monday nights for two hours as needed. It just so happens that next week is one of those weeks! I will co-teach for two hours on Monday, then I start at the studio on Tuesday, and co-teach another two hours on Thursday. It's going to be crazy, y'all! But I am more than ready mentally and physically for a new challenge. This also doesn't figure in the amount of time I will spend practicing and learning new choreo through the week. I normally attempt that after Caleb has gone to bed in the evenings. 

What do you think about macros, or IIFYM?
  • I am really fascinated with macros. I've studied IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) a bit and I like the approach. I don't think I'm strict enough with myself to do it for very long. It kinda reminds me of the feeling I got when I tried Weight Watches years ago. I was constantly consumed and obsessed with the numbers/points. I spent all day thinking, "Well if I do this, I can eat that....Blah, blah, blah." After about two weeks I was completely and utterly over it! I like having flexibility and not stressing every moment of every day about what I am or am not eating. I really do like the idea behind IIFYM and I would possibly use it, but not for a long period of time. Pinterest is a great resource for IIFYM and is definitely worth checking out if you're disciplined enough. 

Wendy -- I am curious as to when you are going to be in your maintenance phase. You look really good and sometimes people stay in the lose phase longer than they need to. Fabulous results you real you.
  • I think you're trying to tell me it's about time? I totally agree! I'm really close.... I plan to lose 100 pounds. Right now with the summer being so busy and my stepchildren being here and I'm totally not on schedule with anything, I range anywhere from 10-20 pounds away from that goal. I want to reach a weight of 132.5. My lowest weight this summer has been 141.2. Right now? Not so much... I am on a short break until after the kids return to their other home this weekend. 
  • I realize that I do carry my weight very well. When I mention to people in real life that I'm trying to lose 100 pounds total, there is always shock on their faces. I look smaller than I am because this past year has been all about toning! For my height, 132.5 puts me in a very healthy range and is no where near extreme. 100 pounds just seems like such a big number ('cause it totally is)! I have no idea what size I will be when I get there. I've already surpassed my estimated size and I'm not finished yet. 
  • My husband and I have both discussed my goal and agree that it absolutely stops then. I have consulted with my doctor as well and have his approval of my goal one hundred percent. We have discussed at length my approach and have decided it is a very healthy, smart way to go about it. 
  • I have experienced a lot of resistance with family and friends at times. They have never known me to be this small, so everything seems extreme to them. They've only ever known me as a bigger girl. It's a big adjustment for them too. I sometimes forget that. 
What else makes you curious? I'm an open book! 


  1. Thanks for answering! Very inspiring! I am trying to find my soulmate workout. Just realized how much I love zumba but was curious if I could actually lose and tone with it. You look amazing! So proud to see how far you have come! ~Terri

    1. Zumba will seriously tone you! I have lost a lot of inches doing it. It gets addictive!!!

  2. I am soooo inspired by you ... and seriously cannot wait to read your blog everyday. I love the clean eating philosophy and I love that you don't just talk about weight, but also about your day to day life and family. I have one question that I have never read about previously.... Have you been a heavy person all your life? or were you a healthy weight and then got pregnant.. and gained all your weight?

    1. I have been heavy off and on all of my life. When I was in school, I was described as "big boned". I struggled with it all through middle and high school on into college. I ran track in high school and it helped keep things in check, but for the most part I put on weight quickly. Right before I started dating Ryan I lost 60 pounds and weighed around 160 pounds. That was the smallest I had been as an adult until now. I put on weight even before I was pregnant, but just kept adding to it.

  3. Another question or two:
    How has your relationship changed with Ryan. You guys seem to do a lot of active stuff together now, what did you do before? Has he always been active even when you weren't? I love that you guys are so adventurous. What and who have been your biggest support over the last 2 years on this journey?
    Also what kind of work do you do? Sit at a desk, stay home?

    1. I'm going to write a whole post on this. Great questions! Thank you!!!

  4. I think you look fabulous and are an inspiration. I found your blog after someone pinned your clean eating post and then went back to the beginning and read your blog. So in real time, you lost weight at a healthy pace but I got to see it fall off of you since I breezed through your posts in like a week - LOL! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your journey. I participated in the Diet Bet (and was a winner) because of you. I don't know how much weight I need to lose per se but I want to drop a few pants sizes and plan to do another Diet Bet soon. It keeps me accountable and I just try to do what you do - eat healthy foods, eliminate sugary/starchy foods, and get exercise. Thanks for being a great role model and good luck to you as you realize your goal.



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