Friday, July 25, 2014

Zumba® Fitness Calorie Burn

I get a lot of questions about my Zumba® Fitness calorie burn. So many people have asked how many calories I'm burning during my Zumba® classes. I use my Polar FT4 to track my workouts, calories, and heart rate. 

After the first hour, I had a total of 656 calories. 

I kept going for a second hour and had a total of 1295 calories. 

I posted these to Facebook after my workout and someone was curious about how I am able to burn this many calories. 

How I increase my Zumba® Fitness calorie burn:

  1. I am a very high energy person. I'm one of those annoyingly bouncy, let's get going, pumped up kinda people. 
  2. I always choose the high energy option for each song. 
  3. Big, full movements. The bigger I move, the more I burn. 
  4. I use my arms. Anything shoulder level or above is elevating my calorie burn. So....lift those arms up!
  5. I build muscle throughout the week. Muscle burns more calories, so when I engage those muscles I am burning more. 
  6. I love the music and it gets me motivated to push harder. 
  7. Go all out. Push harder a little bit every week and it will eventually build. Sure, it's tough but it is worth it. 
  8. Move between the songs. When the music changes, don't stop moving! 

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee ... I know I was one who asked about it! I do really try for the high energy option, and I try to keep moving during songs. I still have never been able to get a burn that high, but I can see that it has gotten better as I become more familiar with the steps and such. Maybe in a perfect environment (all up songs, all songs I know, no waiting between songs) I'd be able to get to a 600 burn ... :)



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