Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Questions...

I received some great questions last week from you guys! I love seeing what makes you curious and I don't mind sharing my life at all. 

How has your relationship changed with Ryan? 

Ryan and I have gone through some pretty drastic changes over the last three years. Not only have I changed drastically inside and out, he has adapted to all of those changes. Most of the time it's all been fantastic. Sometimes it's not so easy. I tend to forget that Ryan is learning to love someone completely different. He doesn't have the same girl he originally fell in love with. He doesn't even have the person he learned to love when I was at my very worst. 

I'm a lot more outgoing and happy-go-lucky than I was a few years ago. I am more optimistic, energetic, and busy! I've gone from spending all of my time with Ryan and my family to branching out and making some amazing friendships. All of those things mesh really well with Ryan's personality. He's ADHD and it helps that I can keep up with him a lot easier now. He now has a wife that will be crazy and try anything with him without fear of embarrassment or failure. 

The bad side of this? It's sometimes difficult for Ryan to deal with the attention I get now. (This is really embarrassing for me to talk about) He's been so used to guys not noticing me because I was so much bigger. Now I get random emails on an almost weekly basis from random men. I think it's completely nuts and totally inappropriate, but it is what it is. I feel like there is a greater need to help empower women to reach their goals through this blog and social media. A few emails does not hinder me from that. They're simply deleted. End of story. It is tough on him at times (I completely understand). But he's totally supportive of me helping y'all!!! I get some comments from guys in real life and we've never had to address those things before in our relationship. We focus on openness and transparency through it all. But the good that has come out of this far outweighs the bad for both of us. 

You guys seem to do a lot of active stuff together now, what did you do before? 

We sat around a lot! We'd come home from work, eat dinner and sit on the couch to watch TV. We'd go to our camper on the weekends and drink. When we had Caleb, we dedicated all of our extra time to him. Caleb would go to bed, I would clean, and Ryan would spend time on projects. That was life... boring and unhealthy. 

Has he always been active even when you weren't? I love that you guys are so adventurous. 

Absolutely yes! He loves working on projects, lifting weights, riding four wheelers, playing in his Jeep, fishing, whatever... Ryan cannot sit still for long periods of time! I felt like it was impossible for me to keep up. There felt like there was this huge divide between us all of the time. My weight problems really magnified all of that. When I was bigger, I felt like I didn't even belong with him. I've thought he was the best looking thing since I was 12 years old. I had the worst confidence and I struggled with knowing I looked so run down and big. I simply couldn't wrap my mind around how someone like Ryan could stay and love someone like me. 

What and who have been your biggest support over the last 2 years on this journey? 

This is easy!!! Ryan and my dad. Hands down... My biggest supporters! Ryan has encouraged me every step of the way. He celebrates the smallest milestones with me! He's my person who cheers me on when I try new things. He compliments my progress and eats better with me so I can stay on track. He listens to me when I start rambling about what I'm doing. He watches my Zumba choreo and helps critique it. He buys me new smaller clothes... He makes me feel beautiful every single day. 

My dad is the person I get to share all of my exciting news with and he gets excited right along with me, even when it sounds crazy! He's also my voice of reason. If there's ever anything that concerns him about what I'm doing along the way, he's the first person to just tell it like it is. 

People here on the blog have been a huge source of encouragement to me. Y'all have cheered me on from the very beginning and you hold me accountable. Sharing my life here has kept me on track even when it's tough. I don't think I could have done all of this without everyone here. The emails and comments brighten my day more than you can ever understand. I have this huge need in my heart to help others reach their goals and it's the most rewarding part of this! 

Also what kind of work do you do? Sit at a desk, stay home?

I am a whatever.... My official title is Office Manager at a marina. Most of my time is spent at a desk. I'm also a licensed boat captain so from time to time I get to go out on the lake! I sell boats in my spare time and I get such an adrenaline rush from that. There's something about the challenge and meeting new people. It's probably my very favorite part of my job. I also help with customers and from time to time help the mechanics. I know how to sand and paint a boat bottom (very nasty work), work on the gas dock, and run a forklift. I'm one of those girls who doesn't mind working hard and hanging in there with the guys. 

My second "job" is teaching Zumba® classes. I actually get paid to workout which I think is unbelievable! Saturday was my first official day working for Center Stage Dance Company. Starting this Tuesday, I will be learning to teach tap, hip hop and jazz. Plus I get my very own Zumba® class! I'm beyond excited to do this and it's going to be so much fun! 

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am really enjoying your blog.
    Is there a post on ryan's and your lovestory? How did you guys meet? How did he propose etc?
    Have a fun Sunday



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