Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation Monday #Linkup

Guess what, guess what?!? Our Motivation Monday linkup can now be used by our Instagram buddies!!!! So.... If you don't have a blog and you've still got some progress, you can totally link it up from Instagram!!!! I've seen some amazing women there and I know we'd love to see their progress as well. 

Now that my stepchildren have gone to their other home, it's time to buckle down and get back on track. I totally splurged most of the time they were with us, but it was completely worth it. We had a blast and enjoyed our time together. That's the most important part! 

Ryan and I are both looking to tone and work on our strength training. I believe it will help with all of those Zumba® classes I'm teaching! I'm looking forward to this and will share my progress as we go. 

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So.... It's your turn! Link it up! 


  1. Love your attitude! I am really coming to believe that the occasional splurge is all part of this journey and as long as we genuinely enjoy it and then get back on track we are not losing sight of our goals (weight loss or maintenance). Last time I had a bit of fun during a friend's visit I was even looking forward to going back on plan! That was a first for sure :) Good luck with your Zumba teaching, you must be so excited!

  2. I am so excited for you about your Zumba teaching as well. I read your question and answer a couple of posts ago. I couldn't believe all the physical activity you are going to be getting in. I was exhausted just thinking about it :) You go girl!!!

  3. Awesome idea for using instagram! What hashtag is everyone using? I'll have to go find ya there! And I just now saw the link-up image to the right! Definitely adding it to my page. Please do forgive me, my late motivation posts will hopefully end next week :/ Ya know how crazy life gets sometimes! Hope you had a great Monday!



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