Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ribs, Football, and Riding

This weekend felt like we got a lot accomplished. My Type A, OCD personality loves that! Cleaning, organizing, and getting stuff done is actually relaxing to me. On Friday, I cut the grass while Ryan grilled our dinner. We had a slab of ribs and it was fabulous! 

After I got the yard presentable, we sat on the porch and enjoyed dinner.

I took Caleb to an early morning football practice on Saturday. This is my equivalent of down time. Fitness magazines, coffee, and cheering on my boy! 

Caleb finally got his football position (and we aren't the least surprised).... He's a linebacker! I think we called that from the time he was two years old. His pediatrician, grandfather, and dad all lovingly joked that Caleb would be our little linebacker because of his size and muscle strength. He lived up to that perfectly! 

I've been watching him practice six hours a week for the past two weeks and the progress is amazing. I'm nervously watching from the sidelines as he takes down kids that are bigger than he is and he jumps up wanting more. I've never seen him so fired up about something and it's fun to see him finding his personality in this sport. 

I was so proud to watch him excel in his position and I am getting so excited about his first games! 

We met up with Ryan at the boat. We scrubbed the boat and detailed her so Ryan could apply Poli Glow to our Chris Craft. She was very oxidized when we got her. So far, the Poli Glow is absolutely amazing! We'd heard pretty good things about it and it does the trick!

She went from "blah" to "shiny"! 

After Ryan wore himself out, we decided to take a ride and found some peaceful back roads in the Jeep. 

We have some beautiful places right around us and it was nice to take the time to appreciate it. 

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