Friday, August 22, 2014

Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit : Day 1

I was really pumped up to try the Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit. On day one, I woke up with an ear drum that had burst. I felt that it was coming and I had been trying to fight off being sick all week. I totally wasn't going to let another ear problem slow me down (I'm sadly used to them at this point). 

I brought all of my goodies to work with me and was ready for my day. Until I smelled the coffee brewing down the hall from my office. Pure, miserable torture when my ear was hurting. I totally turn to my comfort foods and drinks when I feel rough. I was determined to stay on track and stay healthy. 

I drank the Herbal Tea and it was excellent! I'm addicted to hot tea and this was actually not so bad as a substitute to my normal cup of coffee. 

I had one shot of the Diet Spike in a large cup of water. My water had a kinda bitter taste but wasn't horrible. I read somewhere that you could drink it in water, juice or just take it as a shot. 

I also had a Green Berry juice to start my day. It was almost sweet, but wasn't really. The mixture seemed really watery and I was praying it would hold me over until my first snack. And that's where my problem began. I started thinking about the next time I could eat and I made myself so hungry. 

I chugged water all day in an effort to make things better. I pushed hard until 10:00 am and then I decided to have my snack. 

I ate the No Oatmeal Cookies and oh my wow.... They are delicious! Simple ingredients but huge flavor. I was thinking the whole time, "Why can't I just eat these all day long????"

I also had the Time Machine juice. It had cayenne in it and I could totally taste the spice. I was almost concerned that I would have heartburn from it later, but I never did. 

Lucky me drank tons of water by snack I discovered that my body wanted to really throw me for a loop on day one (girl problems....fabulous). So.....a hurt ear, girl issues, and hardly any food. Are you kidding me?!? 

When lunch rolled around, I was feeling pretty blah. I watched my coworker and my husband eat huge lunches. I stuck with my Spring Rolls (which actually tasted pretty good). I was starving so I added some watermelon to my lunch with the Herbal Tea and Diet Spike. I decided to just shoot the Diet Spike this time around. Oh my Heavens! It is disgusting! I can shoot whiskey and tequila easier than that mess! I'm totally not doing that anymore.... It's fine in a big glass of water. 

When I got to my second snack, I was still pretty hungry. My blood sugar dipped off and on all afternoon, but I tried to remind myself that I was asking a lot out of my body (the trifecta of misery....). The apple that was sent in the box was sooooo good. I'm not sure where Urban Remedy buys their organic apples but they are worth every penny! It was probably the best tasting apple I've ever had. I followed it up with Herbal Tea and Diet Spike (in water).

When we left work, got Caleb fed, and sent him to Cubbies, Ryan took one look at me and said, "You're eating. That's it. This is crazy." I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm not sure if it was my equilibrium and my ear, but I was feeling pretty rough. I finally caved in and cried in the car. I feel like I'm pretty dang tough and disciplined, but this day completely kicked my butt. 

We drove to Krystal and got me a large bowl of chili and two Krystals. And I scarfed it down. When I got home, I curled up in my recliner and just passed out. 

I woke up the next day expecting a large gain considering everything I went through. I was just up a pound. So I am okay with that. I decided to tackle day two a little better and hang in there.... 

And that is exactly how I, my family, my friends, and the entire world knows I could never be anorexic.


  1. That sounds miserable...Maybe it would have been better to begin the cleanse on a saturday?



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