Sunday, August 24, 2014

Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit : Days 2 and 3

Days two and three of the Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit were soooo much better! I woke up on day two just knowing that I was going to be okay. Ha! 

I have to admit on day four, I dove right back into my coffee. That's just one thing I don't wanna give up. It was possibly the best coffee I'd had in a really long time! 

So? How do I feel? 

I'm not as energetic as I normally am. I get my adrenaline rush from Zumba® classes and my Thursday night classes were a little blah. That was frustrating to me. 

I like to eat. Period. My body does not function well with no protein. I burn a lot of calories working out and I think the reduction in calories for the kit was a little rough for me. 

I think this would be awesome for someone that's tougher than I am. I thought I was pretty dang tough before, but this is way over my head. I want to lose weight as much as the next person, but I really missed my chicken and seafood. I'm relieved it only lasts three days. #longestdaysofmylife

Did I lose anything? Nope. 

Am I okay with that? Absolutely! 

If I had a significant amount of weight loss, I may have considered putting myself through that again. Now I am not tempted. 

If I could order anything from Urban Remedy it would definitely be the Green Berry juice and the No Oatmeal cookies. They are absolutely amazing! I would probably try some of their other juices as well. The Zen salad was also really good, but I would pair some protein with it myself. The Spring Rolls were pretty good too. 

Would I recommend Urban Remedy? 

I would definitely recommend supplementing your diet with some of their delicious juices and foods. If you're looking for a cleanse and aren't burning a lot of calories teaching fitness classes, you may have better luck than I did.  

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