Thursday, August 21, 2014

Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit : Starting Point

Holistic Healing Diet Be a Healtier You by Urban Remedy
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I think I've struggled lately with being so busy and having so much going on around me. It's tough working 50+ hours a week, having a family, trying to be a great friend to others, running a household, writing,  and teaching Zumba® classes. There are brief moments that I sit still and take a moment to just breathe. But in all honesty, it isn't happening much. I want to be a super star at work, a fabulous wife, a kick butt football mom, have home cooked meals and a spotless house, and learn 10 new Zumba® songs a week. For the first time in my entire life I am realizing that I can't be it all. I simply can't do it all. I'm stepping back this week, taking off all the pressure I put on myself, and reorganizing my priorities. I am focusing on chilling out this week.

While I do that, this cleanse is a perfect way to just reset what's going on in my body. I want to come out renewed and refreshed. Before I began the Urban Remedy Metabolism Kit, I took measurements and photos. Now we have a starting point to see progress. So, here we go....

My starting weight for this is 149.8. Yep, I've gained some. It's so frustrating most days. I do realize that I'm working on my muscles and I've lost a little in some areas and gained in others. Stuff seems to be just kinda shifting around. 

My starting measurements: 

Bust: 36" 
Waist: 27.5" 
Abdomen: 33" 
Hips: 37.25" 
Right Leg-Upper: 21.5" 
Right Leg - Lower: 16.5" 
Left Leg - Upper: 21.5" 
Left Leg - Lower: 16.25" 
Right Calf: 15" 
Left Calf: 15.25" 
Right Arm: 11" 
Left Arm: 11" 

Pants Size: 6

When I search for results from this Metabolism Kit, no one really puts a number out there. You can't tell if something works or not if you don't measure and document it! So that's my goal for this week. I want to know if this works, if it's worth the money, and if it lasts.
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  1. I've always wanted to try Urban Remedy's three day juice fast but wasn't sure if it was worth the cost. So I'm really excited to see your results! Also I weigh 150 lbs too but I'm much closer to a size 8 or 10--you must have a lot of strong muscle. Good luck with your cleanse! :)

    1. Teaching Zumba® classes have toned me like you wouldn't believe. I do the high energy songs any time I can. I'm pretty sure why I'm toning and not losing so much.



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